Macron and Le Pen disagree on pensions, Zemmour wants to expel a million people: this Monday’s campaign news

Two finalists of the first round of 2017, Emmanuel Macron (LREM) and Marine Le Pen (RN)favorites in the polls to get access to it again this time were invited this morning, the first in the morning France-Inter, the second on the set of BFM-TV.

Emmanuel Macron, in particular, has defended his plan to raise the legal retirement age to 65. “All those who tell you that today we can leave everything as it is are lying. Since this system is in short supply, it will exist for several years. This is the demographic reality,” he said.

“We know that today small pensions live poorly. I want to build a minimum full career pension of 1100 euros over the next five years. (…) In order to accurately fund all of this, the balance sheet needs to keep people working longer. »

Emmanuel Macron (this Monday on BFMTV)

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By contrast, Marine Le Pen advocated retirement at 60 for people who worked until age 20, with 40 annuities. “And gradually we increase the maximum to 42 pensions and 62 years, that is, no one will leave with a full pension after 62 years. “About the project of Emmanuel Macron, she objected: “But you understand that you retire at 65? This is truly an absolute injustice. »

The National Rally candidate believes that Emmanuel Macron “does not have a vision, does not know where he is going. It’s like a goldfish in a bowl and we’re going in circles. »

The President of the Republic admitted that he failed to stop the rise of extremism in France: “We have seen it with the pandemic, the destruction of life and the destruction of the environment. Such a geopolitical mess. Disturbance of consciousness associated with social networks … All this creates fear in our society. And rise those who play with fears. So I couldn’t stop it. He assured that he wanted to “continue the fight.”

Quote of the day (1)

“I will send a million people,” promises far-right candidate Eric Zemmour. if elected. He was invited to Franceinfo on Monday morning. Among this million “there will obviously be undercover irregulars”, “foreign offenders” and “foreign S-files”.

Quote of the day (2)

“We are dependent on nuclear power, which is aging. That is why France has the most expensive electricity in Europe, because with a faulty fleet today we are dependent on our imports,” said environmentalist candidate Yannick Jadot on France 2 this Monday morning. He criticized “obsession, nuclear dogmatism” and added: “ If we have to maintain nuclear reactors for 20 years, 25 years, we will do it. (…) But today we need to do something different, save energy (…) and use renewable energy sources. »

Weekend meetings

Saturday, Emmanuel, Macron (LREM) held its only campaign rally at the Arena in Nanterre. A gigantic rally of 30,000 people in front of which the President of the Republic and the candidate for his re-election spoke, among others, of the purchasing power amputated by galloping inflation and at the center of the campaign The possibility of promising “from this summer” a tripling of the “Macron bonus” that could reach ” up to 6000 euros without fees and taxes.

Fabien Roussel (PCF) was in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. Philippe Putou (NPA) enlisted the support of Cirque d’Hiver in Paris.

Sunday, it was this time Ann Hidalgo (PS) who gathered his supporters at the Cirque d’Hiver while Jean-Luc Melenchon was in front of his supporters in the Place du Capitol in Toulouse. He called on the LFI candidate to “go to victory with his teeth.”

After the missed meeting on February 13 at the Zenith in Paris Valerie Pekress (LR) passed the test of a new large-scale meeting, this time at the Parc des expositions de la Porte de Versailles in Paris. She was much better surrounded by a few faithful. Several whistles were heard in the hall at the address of Nicolas Sarkozy, who did not support the candidate. At the Zenith de Paris Natalie Artaud (LO) who appealed to voters.

Article of the Day

A fully digital society is poisoning the daily lives of most older people. “Illectronicism is not as deadly as illiteracy,” says Joachim Tavares, founder of the Papyhappy platform and former director of Ehpad, outraged. You are not lost in life because you do not understand digital technologies and information technologies. »

However, being unable to surf the web or type on a keyboard can poison your daily life. “We can see this from the income tax return via the Internet. Or in banks that got rid of paper as much as possible and reduced counters. We told people: it will be like this, and not otherwise. But we did not provide the necessary support or sufficient information, let alone self-service stations where people are not equipped,” condemns Joachim Tavares.

Some find salvation in places dedicated to learning. Others refuse to follow “this forced march.” Meeting women and men who feel at a loss or out of step with the entire digital society.

How do older people live in a fully digital society?

Today’s trips

  • Jean Lassalle travels to Toulouse on Monday 4 April.
  • Valerie Pecresse makes a seven-hour trip to Guadeloupe.
  • Philippe Putou holds a meeting in Bayonne at 7:00 pm.

Jean-Mathias Joly

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