PlayStation Now: “Free” Games of the Month for April 2022, Including Critically Acclaimed Indie Games

Game news PlayStation Now: “Free” Games of the Month for April 2022, Including Critically Acclaimed Indie Games

PlayStation’s traditional end-of-the-month announcement of upcoming additions to the PlayStation Now services catalog came a little later than expected. Finally, it might not be too bad for subscribers who will only have to wait a few hours before moving on to the April news. By the way, here are the winners of the fourth month of 2022!


  • Outer Wilds
  • Journey to the wild planet
  • WRC10 FIA World Rally Championship
  • Werewolf: Apocalypse – Blood of the Earth

The PlayStation service is set to go down next June. We can say that PlayStation Now is dead, long live PlayStation Now. It doesn’t seem so out of place as it will merge with PlayStation Plus, leading to a flourish of new formulas introduced by PlayStation and revealed no later than last Tuesday.. For those who missed the announcement, you can consult our detailed articleand for subscribers concerned about service bundling, this is how it should go ! In the meantime, four games await you this month and tomorrow!

Outer Wilds

We have started this month very well with a great Outer Wilds which will join the PlayStation Now catalog tomorrow. In this stellar adventure, you find yourself trapped in a time loop, forced to explore this mysterious open world made up of mysterious planets in order to gather the data you need to figure out your quest.. However, don’t expect to stumble upon hospitable ecosystems, because each one has its own characteristics and well-hidden secrets. Last September we returned to the genesis of this student project become one of the greatest successes of the independent scene!

Journey to the wild planet

In order not to be too superfluous this month of April, PlayStation Now brings us yet another sci-fi experience, Journey to the Wild Planet, which takes us into the vast expanse of space to explore part of it in search of a habitable planet for humans on behalf of Kindred Aerospace.. After many attempts, you will target a planet with the sweet name ARY-26, as charming as it is absurd. But, small apartment, you land on this one with relatively little experience and equipment available, so hold on to survive even if you can count on the support of one of your friends through the co-op feature.

WRC10 FIA World Rally Championship

For those who want to get some Gran Turismo 7, PlayStation Now invites you to take a short break from WRC 10 The FIA ​​World Rally Championship, without forgetting the asphalt ! The greatest draws in history are available for you to win these exceptional events (there are 19 of them), you can, quite naturally, drive exceptional cars (Alpine Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Audi and many more). The competition is also celebrating a very important anniversary, its fiftieth anniversary, and invites you to Career mode in the hope of taking the first place on the podium !

Werewolf: Apocalypse – Blood of the Earth

It’s hard to say that we’ve saved the best for last. Werewolf: Apocalypse – Blood of the Earth so the game divided the press and the players, whose opinions are sometimes very clear. Either way, PlayStation Now subscribers will be able to find out for themselves this month. In the program, the famous role-playing game invites us, in this adaptation of the video game, to go through an adventure in the guise of Kahal, a powerful Garou, seized with inner rage, who has decided to go into exile.. During his journey and participation in the great war against the Endron oil company, Cahal will have to win in fierce and wild battles against the backdrop of mystical adventures.

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