Presidential Election 2022: Macron and his campaign, Le Pen and the Islamic veil, Zemmour against the PMA … news of the day

News, interviews, polls, small offers and transcripts… Live the 2022 presidential election news this Monday, April 4, six days before the election.

– Celebrities call to vote for Mélenchon

Some celebrities are calling to vote for Jean-Luc Memenchon. Among the signatories: Yvan le Bolloch, Roman Boringer, Catherine Corsini, Caroline de Haas, Annie Duperet, Princess Erika, Annie Ernault, Julia Fois, Blanche Garden, Robert Guedigian, Noemie de Lattre, Layes Luffock, Corinne Masiero, Bruno Solo, Sansevrino. …

— Macron talks about his campaign, which he describes as challenging

Emmanuel Macron, presidential candidate, was on air with France Inter on Monday 4 April. He said: “When an outgoing president is on the campaign trail, it’s always difficult. Two years of Covid, the war in Ukraine – this also complicates. We were still talking about real problems. But there is a collective question: does it make sense to vote as before.” . For me, yes.”

He returned to the priorities ahead: “Health care, education and pensions are reforms that should be launched at the beginning of the new five-year plan.”

He also defended himself over the use of consulting firms and the McKinsey case in particular: “The proper use of public money is important to me. If there is abuse in any particular case, they must be punished. But we use it less than ten years ago, and less than the countries around us.”

And about Corsica: “I want peace. The Republic is important to Corsica, and Corsica is important to the Republic.”

– Le Pen advocates a veil ban

Marine Le Pen wants to ban the wearing of the veil in public places.

Marine Le Pen, RN candidate, was at BFM this Monday, April 4th. She said Emmanuel Macron’s mandate was “five years wasted, he has no vision, he doesn’t know where he’s going.” “He looks like a goldfish that walks around in a bowl.”

Before adding: “The vote you are going to take on April 10 and 24 will determine the next 50 years because we have important strategic choices to make in terms of reindustrialization and food independence.”

She spoke in favor of “abolishing the VAT on a basket of 100 essentials” and a ban on “veiling in public places”.

She also explained that she was ready for the second round, even if she clarified: “Second round, we are not there.”

– Pecresse returns to the whistles against Nicolas Sarkozy

Valerie Pekress, Republican candidate, was on RTL this Monday, April 4th. She said: “I was a woman who was brought down from the very beginning. For three months, Emmanuel Macron deliberately spared the extremes, they only tried to shoot me because Emmanuel Macron does not want to have a powerful Republican right in front of him. his..”

She also highlighted the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy was whistled during his meeting on Sunday, April 3: “I want to restore the truth, all the speakers who took the floor spoke of Nicolas Sarkozy with great respect and made him applaud. If there were sad voters, this is a reality. But we respectfully made Nicolas Sarkozy applaud for the role he played for France.”

– Zemmour against the PMA and for the expulsion of 1 million people is already thinking about the post-election

Eric Zemmour intends to continue his political struggle after the elections.

Eric Zemmour intends to continue his political struggle after the elections.

Eric Zemmour, candidate for the Conquest party, was on Franceinfo this Monday, April 4th. He said, “I’m deporting 1 million people.” He also explained that he was in favor of depriving dual nationals convicted by the courts of French citizenship and that he would reinstate the “offense of irregular position” if elected.

😉Ministry of Remigration: who does it want to deport? \u27a1\ufe0f “There will be underground people. I will deport foreign offenders. I will disqualify delinquents and criminals with dual citizenship. I will send a million people,” says Eric Zemmour.

— FranceInfo (@franceinfo) April 4, 2022

He reaffirmed his stance against the PMA: “To have a child, you need a father and a mother. A child is not a thing, we do not buy a child.”

😉 Will he return to PMA? \u27a1\ufe0f “Yes,” suggests Eric Zemmour. “I think it’s bad for the child. The child is not an object, there is no right to the child. To give birth to a child, you need a father and a mother.

— FranceInfo (@franceinfo) April 4, 2022

Although he is credited with only 10%, the candidate claims that he has “already changed the political landscape” and that he has “a party of 120,000 members, the first party in France.” “I will continue the political struggle.”

– Roussel’s appeal to teetotalers

Fabien Roussel, the Communist candidate, was at the LCI this Monday, April 4th. He called on abstentions to come to the polls this Sunday, April 10, in the first round.

“Your ballot will be heavy.” He clarifies: “Defending your job, your salary, a decent life is so important.”

“The first round is to give strength to the one who brought out the ideas closest to yours.”

He added: “The time when the Communist Party was more powerful led to the victory of the left and made it possible to achieve social gains.”

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