Science by: how to prepare for entrance examinations?

With the arrival of Parcoursup, the procedures for hiring Sciences Po have changed somewhat – in Paris and in the regions. These IEPs (Institutes for Policy Studies) remain very selective and good preparation is needed to integrate them. But how ? Get training, private training? Cooking alone or in a group? The student gives you the keys!

With a 107% increase in applications in 2021, Sciences po Paris is attracting more people than ever with a new way of admission. The IEPs (Institutes for Policy Studies) of the joint ScPo network competition – Sciences po Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Toulouse and Strasbourg – were not left out, as were Sciences po Bordeaux. and Grenoble, which rely on selection through the Parcoursup platform.

But these IOPs remain very selective and require good preparation. L’Etudiant gives you a few keys to being as prepared as possible.

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To integrate one of the sciences, good performance in high school is necessary.

There is no point in running, you have to start on time. Your Parcoursup file is an important step in choosing one of the ten sciences for integration.. In all IEPs, a portion of your final grade is determined by your results in school.

To put the odds on your side, you better imagine good grades and be regular, especially in the first and last. undergraduate results are also the main criterion. This is the first way to put your file at the top of the list.

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Rely on the final year of the Sciences po network competition

Sustained effort is also good preparation for the General Competition History Exam, as it belongs to the final year program. So, in preparation for your bachelor’s degree, you are working on a competition to integrate one of the seven IEPs of the Science po online competition. !

“Against, if you don’t know how to problematize history, you have to take it. Or if the level of the language is low, it needs to be fixed. And take care of your French spelling!” says Valerie Jaquin, head of competition at Sciences po Lyon.

In addition to your courses, you can “consult the English-language or Spanish-language press to help advance your language and culture. In addition, the annual jury report and the online annals give you tips.

To succeed in one of the seven general competition IEPs, you will also need to prepare for the Atypical Format Test: dissertation on contemporary issues, transverse, on a topic to choose from two topics: “Revolutions” and “Fear”, in 2022.. To this end, the bibliographies submitted are a valuable tool for enriching reflections. “You can read newspapers, do personal reading, be interested in everything,” suggests Valerie Jaquin.

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At Sciences po Paris, prepare well the three letters of the introductory file.

Last year, Sciences po Paris changed the admission process. To prepare for this selection, you need to review the three written papers that are part of the Sciences po Paris admission dossier.

“My first advice: don’t do it at the last minute. We have been publishing topics for a personal essay since the end of October. Don’t wait for Parcoursup to open,” suggests Gabriela Kruse, who recalls that the tips are detailed on the Sciences po Paris website.

Needless to say, there is food for thought. This year, candidates could be inspired, for example, by such a question: “What kind of statue would you like to erect in the public space of your country?” write the inaugural speech of a politician.

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Getting ready to integrate Sciences po, good idea?

To integrate Sciences Po, of course, you will have to work regularly and methodically. Your school teachers can help you. “We can succeed in the competition if we prepare seriously on our side.”, confirms Valerie Jaquin from Lyon. Organizing a review team with peers with the same goal also helps keep you motivated. You can also take a special preparatory course, whether in high school or in private institutions. These organizations help you optimize your work.

This is the case of Tremplin IEP, a drug marked by the network of seven Sciences Po, which costs 555 euros (322 for fellows). If this organization does not guaranteeintegration of the IEP, you are sure that the pedagogy adapts to the criteria of the competition.

This type of training can be helpful to work effectively, especially for isolated candidates. “Our added value is methodology. We support the candidate in his approach to work, and he saves time,” says Florent Vandepitt, director of education.

But be careful, their role is clearly not to bet for you. Regarding personal letters from Paris, Olivier Nafissy, head of the IEP department at Ipesup, explains that he “does not replace students. through the workshops we help them give birth to their project, in our role as coaches. It’s not about cramming.” Made to order, representing an investment of 2880 euros.

And beyond the sciences of Po, these drugs are also positioned as a supplement to high school courses. “What a student does with us allows him to improve his results in high school,” Florent Vandepitte concludes.

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