Toulouse attracts more and more cinema: here are the films shot in the Pink City in 2021

In 2021, the film office of Toulouse supported 265 projects. (©Archive / Andoni Hospital / News Toulouse)

Toulouse is it becoming the preferred location for directors? In its activity report released Monday, March 28, 2022, the Metropolitan Attraction Agency announces that 2021 has been an “exceptional” year in terms of filming.

The number of shoots increases sharply

Over the past year, the film office has supported 265 projects. This is more than double what it was in 2020 (100 projects were supported in this Covid year).

The increase is also noticeable in the number of shooting days. In 2021 there is 589 against “only” 174 in 2017; 318 in 2018; 438 in 2019 and 231 in 2020.

Six feature films

Among these 265 shoots are six professional feature films. They are here :

course of life

This film brings together Agnes Jaoui, Geraldine Nakash as well as Jonathan Zakkai filmed from September 27 to October 16. Among the scenery we find the Salle du Sénéchal, the National Audiovisual School (ENSAV) and Place Saint-Sernin.

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Noemi, an accomplished screenwriter, meets Vincent, his childhood first love, at the film school he is now director of. Through an extraordinary workshop where the intimate meets the universal and reality flirts with fiction, Noemi will teach Vincent and his students that the art of screenwriting is the art of living passionately.


Directed by: Frederic Saucher. Screenwriter: Alain Lajrac, Tabo Tabo Films – Summer films.


This adaptation of the novel Deadly traffic jams Pierre Poucheret unites the actors Sofia Essaidi, Asad Buab, Kul Shen, Nassim Lien, Simon Abkarian, Alberto Amman as well as Nicolas Casalet.

Sarah, head of the Toulouse police narcotics department, investigates a fight between Spain and France that her ex-lover Reynal has infiltrated. She quickly discovers that her case is connected to the murder of two teenagers in a Parisian hospital run by Richard, the head of the local criminal police. Forced to work together to find the killer and stop the race, Sarah and Richard find themselves caught in a thrilling race against time on the roads of Spain and France as their attraction to each other grows.


Director Olivier Marchal took 50 days of filming, including 10 in Toulouse alone. Among the decorations we will find Forum des Cordeliers, Hôtel de Pins, Café des Artistes/Daurade, Bibent/Capitole. The film will be streamed on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

you didn’t see anything either

Three days of filming for this film, written and directed by Béatrice Pollet, took place in Toulouse. On the screen we will find Yves d’Acremont, Maud Wyler, Gregoire Colin, Geraldine Nakash as well as Roman Kolinka. From the side of the decor, the banks of the Garonne, the island of Valade and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be visible.

Claire and Sophie went to school together, they are both lawyers. Claire will be charged with the attempted murder of a child under the age of 15. Sophie will ensure his protection. How did Claire, already a mother of twelve, not see or feel that she was pregnant again?


In the same time

It will hit theaters this Wednesday, April 6th. This is a film by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delepin. In this comedy we find Vincent Macane, Jonathan Cohen, indian hair, Thomas VDB or François Damien.

Here is the trailer:

My heroine

Directed by Noémie Lefort, this comedy brings together Chloe Jouanne, Pascal Arbiyo as well as Louise Koldefy.

From an early age, Alex dreamed of only one thing: making films. But in Rouen, his daily life is far from Hollywood glamour. Under the care of her mother Matilda, she hopes to enroll in a prestigious film school in New York. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan and his dreams are shattered. Refusing to accept his fate, Alex decides to travel to the Big Apple with the help of his eccentric Aunt Juliet for a crazy project: pitching his script to Julia Roberts. Quickly joined by Matilda, this New York adventure will mark the beginning of a new phase in their lives for the three women and bring them closer than ever.


Brother and sister

Marion Cotillard, Melville Pupo as well as Benjamin Sixu star in this drama directed by Arnaud Desplechin.

Brother and sister on the verge of fifty … Alice is an actress, Louis is a teacher and a poet. They no longer speak to each other and have been avoiding each other for over twenty years, but will meet when their parents die…


Television film with André Dussolier

From April 7 to April 30, 2021, Jean-Paul Lilienfeld came to the Pink City to shoot. Juliet in the bathroomTV movie for Arte s André Dusolier, Manue Flute as well as Bruno Todeschini. This is an adaptation of the novel by Metin Arditi.

Ronnie Kandiotis, a billionaire and art lover, is a guest at a major museum on the occasion of a gift he makes to France in the form of two paintings, one by Gauguin and the other by Munch. The same evening, his daughter Lara is kidnapped by a mysterious organization that demands the publication of texts disgracing this allegedly virtuous person as a ransom, and the media are already actively getting down to business.


Among the landscapes of Toulouse and Haute-Garonne that we will see on the screen, we find the rue de Taure, the Tisseo building in Esquirol, the boulevard Lazare Carnot, the Château de Degre (Gragnag), the Château de Paléfica and the garden plants.

Three series, short film and document

In 2021, three TV series were also filmed in the Pink City. We can quote TouTouYouTouwhich will soon be streamed on the OCS platform, Series for France 3 and lies on TF1.

Finally, among these professional shots, we find dominica man Camille Pernin or even AZFdocumentary series broadcast on France 3.

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