Villeneuve-sur-Lô: social and solidarity economy in the spotlight in the territory

Maud Caruel, Vice President of the New Aquitaine Regional Council in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy, Inclusion, Circular Economy and Waste, was on her way yesterday.

The assignment was given at the site of the future Villeneuve-sur-Lo waste-free complex. “On instructions, we can only implement two large projects: the first is a digital campus, and it has already started well,” comments Guillaume Lepère. “The largest is this non-waste complex. When we got down to business, waste management was a big problem. The most visited waste disposal center in the agglomeration was the Roy center, and it is outdated. While discussing with my team, I noticed that we were 10 years behind. So this project should go 20 years ahead.” This is where Régie Vallée du Lot comes into play.

“From a provider, we have become partners”

Régie Vallée du Lot is an association established as an integration company that allows people who are far from work to get closer to it. It works in three directions: maintenance and development of green and natural spaces, collection of bulky items and bio-waste, bio-waste recycling, repair and disposal for reuse. Michel Laville, elected by the city and vice president in charge (among other functions) of waste management at Agglo, looked into the project as soon as he was elected. “With all the teams, municipal, public, departmental and regional, we got down to business. We decided to create a true waste-free platform with an additional important integration component. That’s why Régie Vallée du Lot is an important partner. “.

What Maud Courelle, vice president in charge of the social economy and the economy of solidarity, did not fail to emphasize. “We are well aware of the work of Régie at the regional level. That is why the region has invested up to 30,000 euros in investments in this platform.”

The project was presented by the technical services of the city together with Olivier Cagnac, director of the Régie Vallée du Lot. “From service providers, we have become true partners of the territory. We have 100 employees, permanent staff and many ways of reintegration. Our job is to serve territories and people in reintegration. It is this partnership that makes our strength, our ability to adapt to the different demands and situations we face. We are responding to a real social need. We are very invested in this work on the processing of waste and biological waste. The goal that everyone is pursuing is that everything is restored, recycled, transformed. And that no garbage leaves the platform. A free zone will be created. An object sent to a waste disposal center no longer has an owner. Restored, he can find another, while allowing the people who worked on it to learn new skills. We are also awaiting the arrival of a device that turns agricultural plastic into fuel.

Everyone’s desire to create a virtuous circle, both socially and environmentally.

Work on the complex is scheduled to begin this spring with a partial opening in June 2023.

Continuation of Maud Courelle’s visit

The VP then went on a visit and presentation of the future third location “La Marmite” in Cancón with several planned activities: artists’ residences, events, shared office space, recycling center and collaborative workshops, fablab, photo studio, training location… The association was selected within the framework of the ATIS 47 social innovation incubator to support them in the implementation of this project. Then the leadership of Villeréal for the presentation of the “Eclat” project of the association Vacances Nature in Villereal. Eclat, approved by Caf 47 as a social living space, is a collaborative project created with residents. Thus, actions are being taken to support parenthood, the development of intergenerational ties, solidarity and local services. On the other hand, the aspect of co-working and resource center is currently being explored. In addition, the ESS ATIS 47 incubator, the main sponsor of which is the Region, was present in all these visits to present the Rural Business program. which will be implemented on the territory of the community of communes of Bastide in Haute-Agen-Périgord.

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