we explain to you the battle that is played out on the social network Reddit to paint the French flag on a collective canvas

The pixel war is raging. Hundreds of thousands of internet users are competing, trying to depict drawings on a collective digital canvas provided by the American platform Reddit. On Sunday, April 3, the French community, coordinated by well-known videographers (such as streamers Zerator and Kameto), managed to fly a giant tricolor flag there.

The initiative was welcomed by brands, as well as far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. Franceinfo explains what it is.

It all starts Friday, April 1st. The social network Reddit is launching a temporary community /r/Place, in which a giant white canvas is available to users. The rules are simple: every internet user with a Reddit account is allowed to post a pixel (that is, the smallest possible unit of an image) every five minutes for free.

Soon the communities came together to place the drawings made collectively on this canvas. Video game logos, movie logos, symbols of support for the Ukrainian population affected by the Russian invasion… In a few hours, a bizarre patchwork quilt has formed.

Scattered in the early hours, the French community finally coordinated on Sunday for Kamel “Kameto” Kebir. Very popular on the Twitch platform, where he is followed by 1.2 million people, this videographer and video game entrepreneur invited his viewers to “spend” their pixels to draw a huge tricolor flag on Reddit.

During the evening, many French internet influencers and celebrities invited their fans to join the collective effort. And so it happened that a few hours later a giant pennant appeared on the collective canvas, on which an exemplary yellow Eiffel Tower appeared.

However, this initiative was not to everyone’s taste, and the tricolor was sabotaged by other communities. Numerous peaceful “offensives” were repulsed each time.

Unsurprisingly, this “War of the Pixels” (“War of the Pixels” in French) was quickly noticed outside of the video game fans gathered on Twitch. In the evening, French Rugby Federationmedia Conbinior interprofessional French dairy industryinvited their followers to join Kameto’s efforts.

From a political point of view, Eric Zemmour also tried to restore this virtual mobilization. At night, the teams of the far-right presidential candidate were congratulated “French internet users who defend our beautiful tricolor flag”. “France needs you, the reconquista is also done on Reddit”— wrote a former journalist on Twitter.

This intervention in the “War of the Pixels” did not sit well with many Twitch personalities watching the event.

The bellows should not fall for a long time anyway. After four days of intense creative battle, the r/Place/ initiative should end on Monday. Today, the imposing French flag is still there, adorned by the magnificent Arc de Triomphe.

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