Dreame T10 vacuum cleaner test: simple and effective

Even if it uses the rod architecture democratized by Dyson years ago, the Dreame T10 is not a very original rod vacuum cleaner. In these devices, the heaviest part, including the motor, waste collector and filter system, is located near the user’s wrist. Therefore, we guide everything without much muscular effort, even if the suction tube is fixed. This allows you to reach often hard to reach places such as ceiling corners or the back of furniture.

And to make things even easier, the Dreame T10 is relatively light. In handheld vacuum mode, it weighs 1.65 kg. Of course, by attaching a tube and a suction nozzle, it becomes heavier until it reaches 2.74 kg, but most of the weight is on the floor and finally does not put pressure on the hand, even if the cleaning session drags on. Good point, the head joints are very flexible and even if it does slip a bit during the tightest turns, we get through the vacuum cleaner without incident.

In general, the Dreame T10 also makes a very good impression, and it is finished quite well. Plastic, very pleasant to the touch, seems to be of good quality, even if this matte white can get dirty pretty quickly. The various clamps perform their service function efficiently and the mechanical parts work without a hitch.

Trigger, power switch and switch... That's enough to master the T10.

Trigger, power switch and switch… That’s enough to master the T10.

Like the vast majority of handheld vacuum cleaners, the Dreame T10 is not difficult to handle, even if it has a slight subtlety in the form of a suction mode selector. A button located on the back of the cylinder block, decorated with a padlock, allows you to change from continuous suction to partial suction. In the first case, pulling the trigger starts the vacuum cleaner, which will work until the second pull or until the batteries run out; we win in comfort because you don’t have to keep your wrist tight to keep the car from stopping. In the second case, when the trigger is released, the T10 stops vacuuming, which increases battery autonomy, since it is no longer necessary at the very moment when the user releases the handle to move a piece of furniture or replace trinkets on a shelf, for example. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and everyone can choose the one that suits him best, depending on the task at hand.

So the rest of the controls include a trigger and a three-level slider to select the power level; It’s hard to make it easier. A simple look at the Dreame T10 is enough to understand how it works. However, this sobriety has more than just advantages. Indeed, we must be content with a simple trio of diodes on the battery (removable) in order to judge the remaining autonomy. A little more precision would have made it possible to effectively schedule a cleaning session, rather than having to deal with an overly large room with not enough autonomy.

Well equipped, the T10 will be able to handle many situations.

Well equipped, the T10 will be able to handle many situations.

Good point, despite the limited price, the T10 comes with many accessories. The box contains the necessary long nozzle and a flat brush, as well as a flexible hose to accommodate instead of a suction tube and, above all, an electric mini-brush designed to care for armchairs, sofas and sofas.

The storage base is also used for charging.

The storage base is also used for charging.

Dreame also offers a wall base that can be attached to the wall to store the vacuum cleaner. It is also used for recharging thanks to the electrical connectors it is equipped with. Let’s clarify for the less skilled of us that it is not necessary to install this base, leaving the drill, screw and dowel. The charger can be connected directly to the main body of the T10 – this does not apply to all models; we remember, for example, LG CordZero, completely devoid of an outlet.

With no sparks, the T10 does its job effectively. The V-shaped arrangement of the hard bristles of the brush contributes to its good work, limiting the back ejection of debris.

On high pile carpets, for example, it sucks up 97% of rice at normal power and 99% when turbo mode is turned on. The result is not perfect, but this is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners in our comparison on this surface.

On a thin carpet and in 30 seconds, the efficiency reaches 96% in normal mode and 98% in turbo mode. It takes a minute of vacuuming to collect all the rubbish we have scattered.

Finally, on firm ground, we harvest 100% of rice in 30 seconds if we activate the turbo mode, but “only” 97% in normal mode in the same time period.

These results are very good, but other handheld vacuums work even better on thin carpets and hard floors, reaching 100% efficiency in 30 seconds, whether on normal or turbo.

Emptying the trash container is not a problem. At the push of a button on the transparent wall, the flap opens and allows debris to fall into the bin. There is no need to dismantle the entire filtration system to continue working, as it was necessary to do with the Electrolux Hygienic Serie 800, and you also do not get your hands dirty with dust.

The multi-cyclone filtration installed on the T10 does the job just fine; dust is separated from the air and then redirected and trapped in the collector so that it does not escape to the outside. Proof: after making him swallow 20 grams of cocoa powder, we weighed the foam filter and the HEPA filter on our precision scales after a few seconds of running. As a result, none of them gained weight. This means that fine dust will not quickly saturate the filters, which would reduce the suction capacity of the Dreame T10 and increase the frequency of filter maintenance.

And when it comes time to clean those filters, removing the trash can that houses the filtration system (and, for that matter, the filtration system itself) is a snap. It is no more difficult to assemble the assembly before putting it back in place after cleaning.

The T10 filtration system is not working.

The T10 filtration system is not working.

The same observation can be made for the rotating brush present in the suction head. It is held in place by a plastic piece that simply needs to be rotated to release the roller from the housing and remove tangled hair or long hair.

The brush is easy to remove thanks to the V-shaped bristles.

The brush is easy to remove thanks to the V-shaped bristles.

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