Macron makes serious proposals, Roussel reproaches Jadot, Marine Le Pen appears… Campaign news this Thursday

Project. The President of the Republic, who is running for a second term, presented his program to the media this Thursday afternoon from Aubervilliers during a press conference. In particular, he announced his goal of achieving full employment within 5 years, as well as his desire to strengthen the defense budget.

Social assistance paid at the source, support for agriculture and business, strengthening of nuclear and renewable energy while moving away from fossil fuels, conditionalization of the RSA on activity, pension reform to “work longer”, increase in the staff of the gendarmerie and justice. Details of all the proposals of the Head of State for the next five years can be found here.

Collision of the day

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Ironic. The Communist candidate didn’t spare his environmentalist opponent this Thursday in a tweet that was sarcastic to say the least. “Shortening holidays for teachers. Reducing heating for all French. Raising the price of gasoline for motorists. Why not work on Sundays too? Does Yannick Jadot draw his offers from Medef?” asks Fabien Roussel.

Yannick Jadot did not respond sharply to this provocation. He simply urged “get out of the caricature.” Pointing out that “shortening school holidays means lightening the day so that there is more time for manual labor, nature, art and sports.”

poster of the day

Slogan. BFMTV was the first media outlet to present Marine Le Pen’s official presidential election poster this Thursday, March 17th. Where on his face one could read, in the words of his advisers, “a frank look” and a “benevolent smile.” With the slogan “State Woman” and without mentioning the name of the candidate from the National Association.

The formula reflects for her campaign team the image of “a woman who refuses to see her freedoms curtailed. A mother who refuses to leave her children in a country beset by insecurity, insecurity, fatality. A French woman who refuses to retire and wants to bring change to her compatriots.”


Solution. At Saint-Denis airport on the island of Reunion this Thursday, March 17, at the very end of the morning, Jean Lassalle put an end to the suspense. Whoever threatened for two days to withdraw his presidential candidacy for not being invited to a political program hosted by TF1 on Monday evening ends up backing it.

“The act that I took had a much greater impact than anything I could have imagined,” the Let’s Resist! candidate rejoiced. in a video posted on Youtube (where he wrestles with a president “afraid of his shadow”), sparking the “lots of messages” of support he has received. “That’s why I decided to continue my campaign.”

attack of the day

Offensive. “Macron is engaged in poaching and pale copying,” criticizes Valerie Pekress in an interview Today in France this Thursday, March 17th. A pale copy of who? “From my project: pension reform, nuclear energy, South Africa,” judges the representative of the Republicans. He is an illusionist presidential candidate, a center-left who tries to disguise himself as a right-wing candidate because he knows that’s what the French are waiting for. Today he promises the opposite what he has been doing for the last five years. Who can believe him?

The so-called candidate from the right and from the center insists. For her, the president of the republic “is not in the right to immigration, to guard the borders. He’s in a culture of excuses, on safety.”

Threat of the day

Boycott. “Almost three weeks before the first round, voter volatility persists, and with it the threat of record abstentions,” analyzes Le Figaro in its Politika pages this Thursday, March 17. On April 10, every fourth voter could refuse the ballot box. According to a survey conducted for a national daily newspaper, the abstention was explained, firstly, by “the impression that these elections were played in advance.” Other reasons for turning to boycott the ballot boxes are “non-recording of ballots” and “the fact of not recognizing oneself in the ideas and proposals of candidates.”

There are several shades of abstinence

Who will stand to lose from this likely abstinence? “Clearly, abstinence is much more harmful for Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon,” said political scientist Remy Lefebvre. According to which, in fact, “all the conditions for very low participation are met.” This expert specifically notes the risk of a new abstention from the left, “politicized and protesting”, aimed at sanctioning permanent disagreements.

Pierre Francois Sheteil

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