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PLAYSTATION 5. The month of April is up and running and hasn’t dampened the fervor of PS5 explorers. The console remains an extremely popular and rare product, which is why we’re updating you on any top-ups today.

[Mis à jour le 5 avril 2022 à 14h18] In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures. The Playstation 5 is arguably one of the most sought after products right now, thanks to its exceptional specs and reddening rarity. Indeed, Sony’s latest console is often missing from retailers’ shelves due to an international shortage of semiconductors. As such, the console has been consistently out of stock since its release in late 2020, and potential buyers should be aware of possible restocking to be able to pick up available rare copies. To help you find your PS5, here you’ll find live stock tracking and all the information you need to find.

Our PS5 inventory update for Tuesday, March 5th:

  • 14:11: Still no movement from CDiscount and E.Leclerc.
  • 12:42: There are rumors of a possible restocking on CDiscount and E.Leclerc on Tuesday. Be verified.
  • 10:12: PS5 is long overdue. However, it can be found used and at a high price on the Rakuten website.

For those who don’t want to get into a hell of a ballet of refills or “drops” of all kinds, and who decide to avoid website queues, cart checkout errors, and all that comes with hunting for a new PS5 model. There is another way to get the console. Collect a new or used console for resale. Please note that this method is subject to the market price of the console, i.e. prices that can sometimes exceed more than 150% of the base price of a new console. However, some offers sometimes come close to the console’s base price (€399 digital and €499 standard), so interest in product monitoring is lower:

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