the south of the country suffered greatly from Russia, the north was liberated, but devastated

  • In the vicinity of Kyiv, evacuated by the Russian army, terrible finds are multiplying. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, the lifeless bodies of 410 civilians were found in these territories. His agency also announced on Monday evening the discovery of the bodies of five men with their hands tied, found in the basement of a children’s sanatorium in Butch. Situation on Borodyanka (60 km west of Kyiv) it would be, according to her, even worse “according to the number of victims” than Bushy. In the village Motyzhin On Monday, the bodies of the village mayor, her husband, their son and two other men were found.
  • President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskywent on Monday, April 4, to the city of Bucha, where he reported on “war crimes” will “recognized as genocide”. He must speak today before security advisor ONU.
  • Russia continues to reject “categorically” all charges. At a press conference at the UN, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya accused Ukraine of “set the scene” bodies of civilians who died in Bucha, describing images and videos of the latter as “gross forgeries”however, without proving it.
  • besieged port city Mariupoldestroyed in the southeast of the country “90%” as well as “40% of its infrastructure” are “incorrigible”The mayor announced this on Monday. Ten civilians were killed and at least forty-six were injured in the shelling Nikolaevalso in southern Ukraine, according to its mayor.
  • The United States, Canada and the European Union, while strongly condemning these abuses, have announced that they want tighten sanctions against Russia. EU discusses “emergency” new sanctions against Moscow, which are demanded, in particular, by France and Germany. The United States will try to get “suspense” Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, the US ambassador to the UN also said on Monday. The German state will take over temporary control of the German subsidiary of the Russian giant Gazprom.because of him “value for supply” in energy from Germany.
  • Lithuania announced on Monday the dismissal of the Russian ambassador after “committed atrocities” Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Plan of France and Germany expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats their countries.
  • On earth the situation is “time” in all part of Donbass under Ukrainian control, in the eastwhere the authorities are waiting “deteriorating situation”. “The enemy is bombing everywhere”said the governor of the military administration of the Donetsk region, calling on the civilian population “get out of the room” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said this is a new phase of the Russian military offensive. “may last for months or more”.
  • More than 4.2 million Ukrainians left their country following an invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). On Monday, the UNHCR registered exactly 4,215,047 Ukrainian refugees. This is 38,646 more than the previous figure on Sunday. Europe has not seen such a flow of refugees since the Second World War.

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