Adobe ranks #3 on France’s Best Jobs 2022 list

A third place that pays tribute to the continuous efforts made by the company to take care of its 500 French employees.

( – Adobe France is ranked 3rd best company to work for in the 250 to 1,000 employee category. Based on a unique methodology that places trust at the heart of how people work, this list highlights three key relationships at Adobe: leadership, peers, and work…

The results of the employee survey reflect the measures provided by Adobe’s HR policy, which is heavily focused on support for its employees, a culture of transparency and sharing. Organization of working hours, access to training, internal mobility, or even diversity and inclusiveness are seen as real benefits.

“Being in the Top 3 of this list for the second year in a row confirms our HR strategy, implemented over the past year in an ever-changing context… Our goal is to reinforce the sense of belonging to the company and the value of Adobe cares about its employees,” explains Karin Vuarin, Director of Human Resources for Adobe Western Europe. “Today’s challenge is to develop a new work philosophy together with our employees. Hybrid work, well-being and intimacyso many practices to give meaning to a business project in eternal evolution.”

Consolidation of premises and a balanced organization of work

In 2 years, the pandemic has completely disrupted the pace of work, it is now about finding a balance thanks to the hybrid model in the phase of the evolution of society and use. Adobe is now committed to adapting and offering new work experiences that make sense and meet the needs of its employees, in particular by reconnecting them to each other and to their workplace.

New premiseslocated on Lauriston Street in the 16th arrondissement, have just reopened their doors with a real desire on the part of employees to return to the office and immerse themselves in places hitherto unknown. The telecommuting policy has also been adapted to ensure a smooth transition to the needs of employees.from. An internal survey clearly identified the need for reconnection, indicating that 65% of employees wanted to go back to the office 2-3 days a week

After Adobe made sure to educate employees on digital tools and equip them to improve their remote working experience, Adobe must now support them in the transition to a hybrid model, in particular through a “test and learn” approach and training managers with the exchange of best practices. reinforce this trend.

Key actions

Collaboration and listeningtwo key measures at Adobe put into practice by conducting internal surveys, encouraging exchange of views and monitoring the health of employees, even remotelyWorking during the pandemic has markedly exacerbated the problems that already existed before. : Mental health issues and difficulty disconnecting noted in these surveys.

Therefore, initiatives have been taken with regular follow-ups to find out their state of mind, activities such as cooking or yoga classes, or conferences on certain topics (life/life balance or even how to cope in times of crisis). pandemic, being parents).

Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of Adobe’s DNA

If the Adobe enterprise project is to continue to position itself, along with its customers, as strategic partners in digital transformation, it is also a matter of inclusive work, in particular through Adobe for All. This pillar of Adobe’s diversity and inclusion action is based on the richness that comes from diversity and the premise that it leads to innovation and productivity. Commitment represented in the highest positions with almost 50% women on the Adobe Steering Committee in Western Europe.

Domestically, many networks are also active in France or internationally through numerous outreach initiatives: BEN (Black Employee Network), APIA (Asia Pacific at Adobe), Pride (LGBTQ community), Access (disabled people) and Women at Adobe, thus allowing you to create connections between employees on aspects other than work and bring people together around diversity.

In addition, Adobe encourages the participation of its employees in public life, providing them with the opportunity to devote time to this. In this way, they can create a bond around a cause that is dear to them and enrich themselves personally…

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