American Psycho Ending Explained: What Really Happened?

american psychoThe ending “explains little and leaves much to the viewer’s imagination, so how many victims (if any) did Patrick Bateman actually kill, how much of the movie takes place in his shattered mind, and what was the point? Released in 2000, american psycho may be a cult classic, but Bret Easton Ellis’ adaptation of Mary Harron is not easy to decipher. Like the infamous novel it’s based on, american psychoThe end “explains little and tends to leave its events ambiguous during a confusing and darkly comic ending without exposing any of its strange and seemingly contradictory events; as well as american psychothe meaning is no less vague.

Starring a young Christian Bale (who attributed Bateman’s glassy, ​​impassive charm to Tom Cruise’s impression), american psycho a young Wall Street banker commits increasingly shocking and grotesque misdeeds throughout the film as he goes about his day job and finds time for social events. At the beginning american psycho, the revelation of Bateman’s shocking crimes seems to be at the heart of the film – this seemingly honest character hides a secret second life of depravity and cruelty and hides this fact from everyone around him. However, as american psychoexplains the ending, everything is more complicated than it seems.

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During american psycho, Bateman began to draw attention to his crimes by killing his colleague Paul Allen. Jared Leto’s brief horror film appearance as a character ends with him getting hit in the skull with an axe, and shortly after, a private detective begins interrogating Bateman about Allen’s apparent disappearance. Again, american psycho the meaning remains elusive and the film seems to set the stage for dexterAn esque mystic in which Bateman will have to hide his crimes and reduce his murderous impulses until the police drop his case. Instead, nothing of the sort happens. Bateman begins committing increasingly outrageous crimes, culminating in a bloody chainsaw massacre of two women in an apartment complex and, ultimately, an outright shootout on the streets of New York. Because american psychoBateman’s ending explained Bateman’s crimes, he eventually confesses his crimes to his lawyer (twice – once via voicemail and once in person), only to be informed by a cold character that Paul Allen is still alive and (obviously) none of american psycho The ending explains that the movie actually happened.

What happens in the American Psycho ending

american psychoThe ending explains that the specific chronology of events is critical to understanding the ending. When Bateman wakes up from his crime and his confession, he immediately goes to Paul Allen’s apartment to clean up the remains he left there. However, Bateman instead finds no remains and a cold real estate agent who informs him that no “Paul Allen” owns the apartment in question, before asking him to leave. Bateman meets with his colleagues for lunch and stops by his lawyer’s house, who mistakes him for someone else and suggests that the voicemail was a joke making fun of Bateman. The lawyer calls Bateman too “bad” to commit the atrocities in question, and when Bateman repeats his crimes, the lawyer awkwardly ends the conversation, annoyed that the joke went too far. Since Paul Allen’s body is not in the apartment and the police seem to be leaving him alone, Bateman returns to his talking colleagues – and it is in their dialogue that the key to understanding american psychoThe end is hidden.

The end of “American Psycho” was explained by the filmmakers

in american psycho Director Mary Harron explained that the ending was a bit crumpled – it shouldn’t be all happening in Patrick Bateman’s head. She and co-writer Guinevere Turner said the nature of the film’s ambiguous ending was too vague, essentially confirming that american psychoPatrick’s End explained that Patrick Bateman is actually a serial killer. What Harron finds most disappointing is that many viewers think the ending is the classic “it was all just a dream” image. When in fact both directors agree that the ending happened in real life, and Batman Actor Christian Bale’s Bateman will not be prosecuted for his crimes due to his wealth and position in high society. In an interview with Charlie RoseMary Harron states that she wanted to make the ending ambiguous, as a direct homage to the book, never intending for people to believe it. american psychoBateman’s ending was never killer. Harron said “One of the things that I consider my disadvantage is that people walk away from the film thinking it was just a dream, and I never intended to do that. All I wanted was to be ambiguous, like a book. I think this is a failure on my part in the final scene, because I just put the accents wrong.

Writer and word i actress Guinevere Turner was also adamant that american psychoThe ending explained that Bateman was the killer all along. While it is true that Patrick suffers from delusions and hallucinations, this does not mean that the murders are happening in his head. Turner attributes the confusion in the ending to the dichotomy between the fantasy world Bateman currently lives in and the reality of the death situation. In the commentary on the Blu-Ray/DVD (IMDb), Turner talks a lot about the protagonist’s mental deterioration and how she explains it. american psychoends as a whole. “What starts to happen as the movie progresses is what you see is what goes on in his head. So when he shoots a car and it blows up, even he’s like, for a second, “Huh?” Because even he begins to believe that his perception of reality cannot be correct.” Kevin Smith Dogma The actress also goes on to talk about the fantasy world that Patrick lives in, stating that his perception of reality may be similar to what is happening, but not quite accurate. These things include more dirty murders and less hot prostitutes.

Did Patrick Bateman really kill Paul Allen?

Both Harron and Ellis have said that the question of whether Patrick killed a colleague named Paul Allen is deliberately left ambiguous, as the two possibilities reinforce american psychomeaning. Patrick could have killed a colleague and no one in his circle would have paid any attention to it, because he lived in an immoral and powerful environment on Wall Street. In his circles, wearing the wrong clothes was a bigger faux pas than losing millions of homeowners of their savings, meaning that Bateman and the viewer will never know for sure if he killed a colleague because inhuman acts mean so little to his colleagues. and friends. According to american psychoEventually, when Paul mistook Patrick for Marcus Halberstram, it became clear that he planned to kill him, reinforcing the themes of alleged wealth and identity.

How real is the American Psycho?

Many viewers read the M. Night Shyamalan style twist in American psychologisto ends with a simple “it’s all in the head of an unreliable narrator” trope, and Harron expressed his disappointment with how often this adaptation is read, since american psychoThe end should be blurry. However, Bateman’s murder of an unfortunate vagrant is entirely plausible, and even his very public murder of two prostitutes is the kind of crime that those in power have been able to erase from existence that plays a strong role in this. american psychomeaning. Killing his colleague is likely to be an imaginary feat, as Patrick Bateman is likely to be cast out of high society circles if he continues to kill colleagues. However, even this is not entirely true on a metaphorical level.

Why Nobody Takes Patrick Bateman’s Confession Seriously

Backstabbing, bounty hunting, poaching, and other colorful dysphemisms are often used to illustrate the deceitful and immoral corporate culture of finance. “The Assassination” of Allen Jared Leto by Patrick Bateman in american psychoBateman’s ending suggests that this could have been “real” as he ruined a rival’s career, livelihood, or life, and only Bateman’s conscience was clear enough to see it as a monstrous act, while the outside world wrote it off as just a good thing. business. Bateman’s “madness” is rooted in the character of Bale trying to literally bring to life the horror of what he does for a living. Thus, his colleagues meticulously ignore it, as if they, too, began to see the immoral elements of Wall Street, they would reconsider their life choices. All this lends itself american psychoSense preys on obscene rich people who don’t face the real consequences of their actions.

It was all in Patrick’s head – explanations of theories

Although director Mary Harron vehemently denied that american psychoPatrick Bateman’s ending is all in Patrick Bateman’s head, there is enough ambiguity in the events of the story to suggest otherwise. The most obvious sign of this is the fact that Paul Allen’s body was nowhere to be found and the apartment was spotlessly clean when Patrick arrived. Second, Willem Dafoe’s Donald Kimball, while intentionally suspicious throughout the film, ultimately fails to link Christian Bale’s Patrick to any of the murders. This is surprising, considering that in the end his murders were so brazen that he pursued prostitutes naked and with a chainsaw in his hands. Thirdly, when Patrick calls his lawyer and confesses to all his terrible crimes, the lawyer laughs at him. Perhaps his lawyer simply thought the idea was impossible, but it probably wasn’t. Finally, of all the people Patrick killed, not a single body was found or seen again after the crime had been committed. It is true that the image of an unreliable narrator belittles american psychomeaning. However, the film is so ambiguous that it is impossible do not do it speculate.

What does American Psycho really mean?

This indifferent façade heralds the intense apathy and nihilism that dominated the pop culture landscape after the optimistic idealism of the 80s turned into the dark and cynical despair of the 90s. american psychothere is no point in finding out which crimes were real. man like american psychoAfter all, Bateman can do untold harm if he maintains a positive public face, and the true extent of his wrongdoing may forever remain unknown, as people cannot see what they choose not to believe or care.

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