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The Ainsel River is one of the optional underground areas in Elden Ring. It is located under the Liurnia of the Lakes in the upper western part of the world map, and can be reached from a well in the Ainsel River in this area. The well of the Einsel River is just one of the places where you can get to the River Ainsel, but the way this area is organized can be confusing. It’s split into a south side and a north side, which aren’t directly connected unless you jump north to south in the ruins of Ula’s Palace, above where the Hermit trader is located.

There are several important sections to understand, including Noxtella, the sub-region of the Eternal City, and its connection to Ranny’s quest, which is required to unlock Ranny’s secret ending. You will need to enter the northern part of the map by finding the Fingerkiller Blade and completing Ranny’s quest until you can access Renna’s Rise, which has a walk-through door that teleports you to the Ainsel River’s main blessing. Both sides of the area contain valuable treasures, and there is only one merchant located on the south side of the area.

River Ainsel (south side)

Taking the elevator from the Ainsel River well to the Ainsel River, you will find yourself next to a fertile area called “Ainsel River Well Depths”. From there, you’ll want to enter a cave filled with giant ants and hang to the left until you reach the Ainsel river sluice gate. Once you get to the lock room, hang right on the side ramp and onto the rampart. Grace’s site is at the opposite end of the aisle. Most of the ants you encounter can be destroyed by hit attacks and magic, but armored ants can quickly pounce on you if you’re not careful; it’s best to take them out one by one with magic or ranged attacks from behind, which they will detect if you dodge their rush attacks.

From the top of the castle, the main part of the ruins of Uhl’s palace is now visible. In order to get down to the Ula Palace ruins through the airlock door, you have to take the elevator down nearby so you don’t fall down and die. Once there, get ready to fight a crowd of clay men.

RPG Elden Ring

Behind the ruins of Ula’s palace lies one of the hermit merchants of the Ring of Elden. It’s in a large, ornate structure at the far end of the “hall” that has a ton of clay men and an ugly star that can shoot you if you’re not careful. Magic and ranged attacks are key to defeating the Ugly Star, as well as the Clay People trying to break through your cover by attacking you at close range.

Ainsel River Map Note: There is a corpse next to the hermit merchant clinging to a fragment of the Ainsel River map.

Heading slightly southwest from Hermit Merchant, you will come to Downstream Ainsel Grace Point. Following the river west from this point, you’ll see the grotesque Lake of Rot, but following the river north, you’ll get into a fight with Noxtella’s Dragon Soldier and have a good overview of what awaits you in Noxtella, the Eternal. A city that cannot be reached directly from here.

Ice Lance of Lightning

To get Frozen Lightning Spear (minimum W34 to use it), you need to defeat Nokstella Dragon Soldier, which also drops 12,000 runes on death. Noxtella’s Dragon Soldier can be a tricky boss if you’re trying to fight him with more than one melee character at once, but his attacks tend to be much more predictable when he’s focused on a single person; the best strategy here is to focus on the melee dps, making sure your ranged dps have enough space to fall back and hit the boss with everything they have. He only starts using scabs after he loses about 50% of his health, which gives the group enough time to wear him down.

River Main Ainsel (north side)

The main area of ​​the Ainsel River is only unlocked by accessing the Passage Gate in Rennes Rise during the Ranny quest, or after riding a coffin in the northwestern part of Deeproot Depths. In this section of the Einsel River is Noxtella, the Eternal City – the place you saw earlier if you won the battle with Noxtella’s Dragon Soldier and received the Ainsel River’s Grace Point. After you unlock the main grace point on the river Ainsel, talk to miniature Ranny a few times while you rest so she can complete the quest and inform you about her hunter, Evil Shadow, who will invade your game after you have completed through Noxtella, the Eternal City.

Heading south from the main site of Ainsel Rivel’s Grace, you will encounter a swarm of clay men and an ugly star that towers over the gate to the southwest channel, which you need to go to at this point. rivers towards Noxtella. In the ant cave in front of you, you will reach a fork where one path turns left and the other turns right. Following the river to the right, you will move further along the path to Noxtella. Meanwhile, following the path to the left, you will find a treasure.

Astel’s wing

Fight (or run past) the armored ant and go left through the tunnel to reach the opening where two gravity magic users are guarding the rock facing the ruins where the Hermit Merchant is located. From there, follow the edge of the cliff and jump down to the rocky platform below, then keep walking along the wall until you can jump onto the ruins with a treasure chest at the top. This treasure chest contains Astel’s Wing, a curved magic sword that has Nebula’s powerful special move and scales to Intelligence as well as Dexterity and Strength.

Noxtella, the Eternal City

Noxtella is an underground city, like Nokron, inhabited by silver tears and nox swordsmen. The city is made up of many layers, and the direction you take determines the type of experience you will have. At this point, it *is not* necessary to climb the stairs and walk through the city to complete Ranny’s quest, but you do need to cross the river basin at the city level, fighting silver tears and other enemies, including giant snails, until you get to the elevator on the west side pool that will take you to the point of grace at the Noxtella Falls.


Noxtella Moon

Following the stairs that rise from Noxtella, the Eternal City’s point of grace, you enter the first of the three levels that make up the underground city. Each level is dangerous to fight, mostly due to swarms of silver tears that explode into lightning when they get too close. However, using magic and ranged weapons (especially lightning-infused weapons) is your best chance to fend off these ranged swarms before they get any closer. You will also run into giant orbs that you will have to shoot down with heavy weapons or magic. Please note that this guide does not explain in detail each of the many treasures and forging stones found in the city itself; it’s up to you to find them and discover them.

The first and second levels are connected by a bridge, but you’ll have to fight your way through the giant marble to reach the stairs to the second level, which will take you to a room where the marble and some silver teardrops are falling from the ceiling. Turn left from the bedroom and you will be in front of another staircase. Follow him to the third and final level, where you will have to fight two humanoid bosses in the form of silver tears and the last Nox swordsman. They can be difficult to fight in a group, so you should even the odds with an Ash Summon of your choice. Finally, run to the opposite end of the room from the entrance and open the treasure chest, which contains Noxtella’s Moon. You will also find a path next to an Erdtree sprout that has a golden seed attached to it.

Evil Shadow Fight and Ranny’s Quest

Back in the Noxtella Waterfall Basin area we mentioned earlier, talk to Ranny again and exhaust all of his dialogue to inform you of the danger of the evil Shadow lurking behind you. Following the downstream corridor will take you straight into battle with the Evil Shadow, an incredibly fast and aggressive fighter who looks like Bladed.

Evil Shadow is weak against poison, so it’s worth attacking it with poison arrows and abilities (or poison darts if your Agility is high enough) to raise the poison bar. Otherwise, stay away for as long as possible, as his attacks have incredibly long range on top of their brutal damage and speed. It would be wise to call on friends for this battle.

Once you defeat the Evil Shadow, Ranny will decide that you have completed your mission and go your own way, but not before giving you the Mysterious Key. At this point, you can choose to continue the story in the Lake of Rot or return to the Great Library in Lucaria’s Paradise to open the chest next to Rennala. But otherwise, congratulations on crossing the Einsel River!

Source – translation via Gamespot

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