Canneseries: Find out the winners of the 5th season of the festival

The tumultuous fifth season of the Canneseries festival closes its doors on April 6 with the announcement of Le Flambeau: Raiders of Chupacabra and the announcement of the winners. The long and short series jurors delivered their verdict. Two nuggets stood out in particular: Israeli The Lesson and German Souls.

As for the long series, the jury, chaired by Fanny Herrero (creator of Dix pour Cent and Funny), included actress Ann Marivin (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis), actors Denis O’Hara (The Swallow), Olafur Darri Olafsson (Trapped) , Sami Utabaldi (“Sex Education”) and composer Daniel Pemberton (“Being Ricardo”) got caught up in The Lesson. A tense social drama illustrating the deep political tensions in Israel, beginning with a discussion between a student and her teacher. Their debate will quickly go beyond the classroom and take on dramatic proportions.

For the Canneseries 2022 short series, jury members Anthony Horowitz (creator of Alex Ryder), Cineñe Ezeudou (actress from Sex Education) and Mark Ruhman (actor from Plan Coeur) have targeted the Belgian Hacked. A generational 10×14 minute series that deals with cyberbullying in schools in a sensible and realistic way.

The prize for interpretation went to young Maya Landsmann, who brilliantly played a rebellious high school student in The Lesson.

A Special Interpretation Award was given to the Canadian series Audrey Returns, which tells the story of disability through the resurrection of a young woman who had been in a coma for several years after a mysterious accident with subtlety and gentle humor. The series is full of cute characters.

The Student Award for Best Short Series went to Everything You Love. This 7×22 minute Norwegian film delicately tells the story of Sarah, a young woman in love with a boy who keeps a secret from her: his radicalization in a far-right group.

The high school students decided to reward the long-running series Afterglow, another Norwegian series that touches on the painful topic of cancer with deep emotion “It’s us, but also with humor”, following the route “Esther is the wife and mother of a son”. three had just been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

The Conbini Prize for Commitment – a prize dedicated to talents or shows that have distinguished themselves for their artistic quality and their revolutionary, social, innovative dimension – went to the strong series Skam France, with its 10th season coming soon on Slash.

The Dior Award for Revelation, given to an actor in a short series competition, goes to Rosalie Vaillantour for her performance in Complètement Lycée, a Canadian spoof completely excluded from teen dramas.

The prize for best music went to Dasha Dauenhauer for Souls, a high-end German concept in which multiple temporalities collide.

For the plot between Lost and The OA, Souls also won Best Screenplay.

Full list

Best Feature Series Award: The Lesson

Best Short Series Award: Hacked

Interpretation Award: The cast of Audrey is back

Special Interpretation Award: Maya Landsmann in The Lesson.

Choice Music Award: Dasha Dauenhauer for Souls

Best Screenplay Award: Alex Eslam, Lisa Van Brackel, Senad Halilbasic, Erol Yesilkaya (“Souls”)

Student Award for Best Short Series: Everything You Love

High School Student Award for Best Long Series: Afterglow

Konbini Commitment Award: Skam France

Dior Grand Prix for Revelation: Rosalie Vallancourt in Totally High School

Variety Icon Award: Gillian Anderson. Rising Star Award: Sidney Sweeney.

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