Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist? The answer may surprise you

news council Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist? The answer may surprise you

In the world of video games, everyone behaves differently: someone prefers to take their time, and someone prefers to approach a speed pass. But there are also players who like to challenge themselves, and this is especially true for someone who has tried the Elden Ring experience as a pacifist. We explain to you how he did it and what happened.


  • Another way to explore the underworld
  • Is it possible to be a pacifist in a world of hooligans?

Another way to explore the underworld

If you don’t live in a cave like the beastman from Farum Azula, you must have heard of Elden Ring, the latest game from From Software. In this dark fantasy universe, you play as the Indestructible, an exile from the realm of the Underworld whose goal is to find the fragments of the Elden circle in order to become the new Lord of Elden. To do this, you will have to cross lands as hostile as they are deserted, and, as you understand, the path will be thorny and littered with traps. You will face many enemies, both humans and monsters, as well as many of them. Each opponent will give you quite a few problems and you will have no choice but to train to overcome them.

Unless of course you count spice up your games with crazy challenges, such as completing the game without going up a level, or traversing the underworld without taking any damage. Between speedruns, challenges and achievements, Elden Ring players never get bored. But as if all these problems were not enough, some are trying to reconcile the principles of life that are usually incompatible with a game system that tends to be cruel, and sometimes even ruthless. We’re talking to you here about pacifism, a school of thought that advocates non-violence that the player has chosen to implement in the militant context of Elden Ring:

Is it possible to be a pacifist in a world of hooligans?

Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist?  The answer may surprise you

This player iron pineapple, the man best known for his content for another juggernaut From Software: Dark Souls. As we explained to you just above, Iron Pineapple set itself the task of completing Elden Ring in a pacifist mode, that is, without inflicting a single blow to the various enemies encountered. To do this, he decided to embody the Clueless Seer class to take advantage of high faith scoreand start the adventure with a memory, in particular: fanged pixie ash.

Thanks to his significant Faith score, Iron Pineapple is capable of casting powerful spells from a distance, including powerful healing spells.. This is where the ashes of fanged imps and the ashes of summoning in general appear: thanks to spirit calling bell which he takes from Renna in the church of Elleha, he can send monsters to fight for him. He only needs to stay far enough away – or hide behind the most imposing bosses – to heal them throughout the encounter. This way he doesn’t land direct hits on his opponents and his allies take on all the hard work, as you can see below:

But as you’ve probably noticed, Iron Pineapple doesn’t just send creatures and NPCs endlessly hitting their opponents. Some bosses sometimes ask him to think about strategylike Godric the Grafted, against whom he sent the spirit of a decayed wild dog to capitalize on scarlet rot associated with the being. She’ll also get the better of the boss, but that’s not the only trump card Iron Pineapple has up his sleeve.

Indeed, in addition to his many allies, the player also relies on his environment, and in particular on gravity.. He got rid of many enemies by knocking them off cliffs, luring them into pits, and even dragging them to geysers, as he did with Commander O’Neill. It’s an ingenious way to play, but contrary to what you might think, it requires a lot of preparation, such as upgrading spiritual ashes and getting equipment to buff allies and heal spells.

And you, what do you think of this method? Do you have any suggestions for non-violent methods to advance in the game? Tell us everything in the comments!

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