Expulsion of Russian diplomats | Canada is going to emulate its European allies

(Ottawa) Canada is seriously considering following in the footsteps of France and a number of other European countries that expelled en masse diplomats from Russia in connection with the discovery of massacres allegedly committed by Russian troops near Kyiv.

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Joel-Denis Bellavans

Joel-Denis Bellavans

Sharing the outrage and condemnation expressed by Western leaders at the “terrifying” footage that emerges from Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, following the withdrawal of Russian troops, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that Russia must be held accountable for every crime. committed by its troops on the territory of Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion.

“The images coming from Bucha are absolutely terrible. This is unacceptable to see,” the Prime Minister said ahead of a question period in the House of Commons.

Killings of civilians, sexual violence, systematic rape with the aim of attacking the Ukrainian population is something that was clearly allowed or even encouraged by the Russian authorities. Russia must be held accountable for every rape, every murder in Bush.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

At Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly’s office, a spokesman indicated that Canada had taken note of the decisions of its allies, who expelled Russian diplomats, and was now evaluating its options.

“Canada condemns the senseless killing of civilians by Russian forces. We take into account the recent decisions of our partners and allies to expel Russian diplomats. We are discussing this issue with our partners and we are currently evaluating options,” Adrian Blanchard, spokesman for Minister Joly, said in an email. Press.

He added that Canada continues “to call on Russia to immediately stop all hostile and provocative actions against Ukraine and withdraw all military forces from the country.”

Boucha is a game changer

Days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Conservative Party demanded that the Trudeau government expel Russia’s ambassador to Canada in retaliation. Especially since the ambassador, according to conservatives, only repeats the “propaganda” and “disinformation” of President Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then pointed out that such a gesture was delicate, as Moscow could foist the same remedy on Canadian diplomats, which could not be in the country’s interests.

“We have to balance this [par rapport à] the positive impact Canadian diplomats in Moscow can have [pour] understand what is happening with the population of Russia, [pour] support people on the ground and help Canadians who could be in Russia right now,” he said in early March.

But the horror images that have aired from Bucha are game-changing as we speak backstage.


A woman stands in the devastated Bucha district in northwestern Kyiv, where horror films have been coming from for days.

Following France and Germany on Monday, Italy, Spain and Slovenia, in turn, expelled Russian diplomats en masse on Tuesday as sanctions.

The decision marked a further deterioration in relations between Western countries and Russia since the invasion of Ukraine six weeks ago.

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, also said on Tuesday that he had decided to declare “persona non grata” several members of the Russian delegation to the European Union due to “activities that contradict” their diplomatic status. many or the date of their exile.

Germany announced that it was expelling a “large number” of Russian diplomats based in Berlin. According to AFP, their number will be 40 people.

For its part, France decided to expel 35 Russian diplomats, “whose activities are contrary to [ses] interests,” said a source close to the French Foreign Ministry. Italy decided to expel 30 Russian diplomats for reasons of “national security”.

Russia continued to deny any involvement, denouncing the Ukrainian “staging” that Moscow claimed was intended to tarnish the image of Russian soldiers.

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