New sanctions against Moscow, Macron, then the Le Pen parade on TF1, serious dysfunctions in Echpad Orpea, an almost complete abortion ban in Oklahoma … News this Wednesday morning


Ukraine: Washington increases military aid. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday urged the UN to act “immediately” against Russia in connection with its “war crimes”, calling in particular for his removal from the Security Council. Washington, for its part, has announced that it will provide additional security assistance to Ukraine, bringing the total to $1.7 billion. After the shock wave of Bucha, the European Union and Washington stepped up economic and diplomatic pressure on Moscow. And the United States plans to adopt new ones on Wednesday, in agreement with the European Union and the G7, aimed, in particular, at banning “new investment” in Russia, said a source familiar with the situation. Follow our live broadcast of the day.

“Russian dancers” Degas become Ukrainian. This is “pochade”, a 62 x 60 cm sketch in pastel and charcoal on tracing paper by the French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas, who in his final hours set fire to gunpowder in the art world. This small secondary painting, kept in the National Gallery in London since 1998, has just changed its name: “Russian dancers” has given way to “Ukrainian dancers”. Read our article.

Orpea Scandal: The government releases a very harsh investigation report. Food “inadequate”financial documents “insincere”budget surplus generated by government subsidies: The Orpea investigation report, finally published by the government, highlights serious irregularities in the private group Ehpad, already touched upon in the book “Les Fossoyeurs”.

Oklahoma passes a law effectively banning abortion. Bill 162, passed by government officials 70 to 14, provides for penalties of up to 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine for medical personnel performing abortions. “unless it’s about saving the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency”.

Listeriosis alert, Graindorge cheese recall. A recall campaign for two types of raw milk cheeses from a Graindorge-branded cheese factory (Lactalis Group) sold by major retailers was launched on Tuesday following the discovery of a cheese containing listeriosis-causing bacteria, according to government website Rappel Conso. . We are talking about “several hundred cheeses,” Bruno Lefebvre, director of Graindorge’s Fromagerie de Livarot, told AFP. This is a coulombier and brie 1kg from the Normanville brand and the Graindorge brand.

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The EU is discussing sanctions against Russia. The European Commission has proposed to the G27 to tighten sanctions against Moscow by stopping purchases of Russian coal, which makes up 45% of EU imports, and closing European ports to Russian ships. These proposals are to be discussed on Wednesday by representatives of member countries. Sanctions require unanimity. Finance ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg also discussed a new package of sanctions.

Macron, then Le Pen on TF1. First round favorites Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen compete in the media this Wednesday at a time when polls show the gap between them is narrowing. Four days before the election, the outgoing president and his far-right rival are scheduled to take part in TF1 at 20:00. 10 minutes to convince, Emmanuel Macron should go first. They, in turn, will be asked about the first hundred days of their presidency if they are elected on April 24, and their first decisions or symbolic gestures as head of state. Stay tuned for all the news from this campaign on Wednesday.


At the Mélenchon hologram meeting in Nice: “He’s the oldest, but he’s the youngest in his head”. In this predominantly right-wing city, one of eleven cities to accept a digital copy of a third person in the presidential election, rebellious France has gathered 1,000 people for the last major rally of its campaign. Find our report.


Violence against women: what effective legal tool to come up with? In their programs, many presidential candidates, both left and right, are inspired by the Spanish model, presented as a “pioneer” in this area. Read our breakdown.


“I came with a lot of hatred and guilt” : Trial of dentists in Marseille ends after ten years of investigation. Lawyer Lionel Gedge, who was on trial for mutilating hundreds of patients, pleaded for a verdict on Tuesday after a court marathon. “fair”defending medical error. On Monday, the prosecutor demanded a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and five years, including one suspended sentence, for his father.


Cecile Hernandez, snow fighter. A Paralympic gold medalist, a 47-year-old snowboarder with multiple sclerosis, is already thinking about the Paris Olympics. Find his portrait here.

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