Return to Monkey Island: The Avengers point & click is back

Game news Return to Monkey Island: The Avengers point & click is back

Out of the blue, like a spitting contest that starts without warning, Lucasfilm Games, Devolver and Terrible Toybox have just announced the return of the Monkey Island series, more than a decade after the last installment. First of all, this time an original team is at the helm, which will take us even further to the borders of humor and absurdity. Why is this a cult and why is this such a welcome return?

Monkey Island Mystery (1990)

There are things that don’t change. So when Ron Gilbert, creator of the famous Monkey Island license, announced on Twitter “something” on which he worked for two years – and which players have been waiting for thirty years – we find the humor of this man and the humor of the original piracy saga that made him famous. The announcement of “Return to Monkey Island”, which this year will mark the return of the iconic universe created by Lucasfilm Games in 1990, but, above all, the return of Gilbert himself to the helmaccompanied by a significant portion of the original crew, especially on the soundtrack and dub. “This comeback is a bit of a double event” notes Jean-Clébert Loret, head of high-tech at SP and a fan of the series. “Gilbert left Lucasfilm Games after the second opus (…), the end of which is really strange, very audacious”.

Thirty years without an answer

For the beauty of the show, we’re not going to reveal to you the ending of Monkey Island 2. Just to note that, on the one hand, this is very important, and on the other hand, it makes sense in the series. unique humor. The humor, of course, was originally developed by Ron Gilbert himself, as well as by Tim Schafer (founder of the famed studio Double Fine, Psychonauts, Brütal Legend) and one Dave Grossman, who will also be part of Return to Monkey Island. “This is postmodern writing” sums up Nicolas Deneshau, author of the book “Secrets of Monkey Island”, published in the third edition, which we received by phone. “Monkey Island is a game in which you will compete in spitting or a character who will drink from a vending machine while being a pirate.”. The keyword is often an anachronism.

Obviously, other episodes of Monkey Island will rely on this humor with quite honorable success. The latest installment in the adventures of hero Guybrush Threepwood, released in 2009, a five-chapter series developed by Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead) in collaboration with LucasArts – the company’s name changes between 1991 and 2013 – , vintage comfortable 86/100 on Metacritic. However, none of the sequels reveal Monkey Island 2’s surprise ending. “After this episode, the developers tried to juggle Gilbert’s legacy” emphasizes Nicolas Deneshau. So back to monkey island the promise of an answer to this hilarious ending. An ending that Gilbert never had a chance to explain after his departure from Lucasfilm Games in 1991 despite his foot calls Disney Company, which owns the license rights. Time and support from the Devolver editor who already answered here 2019 seems to have done the rest.

“Point and Click, Avengers”

But that’s not the only reason for excitement. “For fans of this golden age of adventure games (Return to Monkey Island – editor’s note), this is a bit reforming the Avengers or the Justice League from point and click“says Pierre-Eric Salard, LucasArts / Lucasfilm Games expert and manager page Twitter on the subject, which we also contacted. Because the first Monkey Island is not only a fun and addicting game, but also marks a turning point in the genre. “Before him, adventure games were not popular” explains Nicolas Deneshau. “But in 1989 Ron Gilbert wrote this article”Why Adventure Games Suck(“why adventure games suck” – ed.), where he theorizes a certain number of rules that he will apply in Monkey Island “.

Ron Gilbert is a special guy, a passionate computer scientist who still spends hours coding at home and has some knowledge of the game world. He wants to be called “Grumpy Gamer” (“grumpy gamer”). — Nicolas Deneshau, author of Monkey Island Secrets.

The brainchild of Gilbert and Lucasfilm Games makes life much easier for gamers. Starting with those few words “my name is Guybrush Threepwood and I would like to be a pirate”, the first we hear at the beginning of the very first Monkey Island in 1990. Target: clearly explain the questions that the player will have to meet. The title then continues with three trials to be completed in any order – originality for the time – in order to convince the pirate council to join their rank. It’s hard to be less clear. “Monkey Island is a bit like a game design school, the first level of Super Mario Bros. It’s something very instructive (…) A milestone in an adventure game.” summarizes Nicolas Deneshau. The same story with Jean-Clébert Loret: “Ron Gilbert practically invented the modern point-and-click language”.

The Secret of Monkey Island (original 1990 game)

Return to Monkey Island: "Point & Click Avengers are backReturn to Monkey Island: "Point & Click Avengers are backReturn to Monkey Island: "Point & Click Avengers are back

Rise from the dead

While not only a commercial success at first, the first Monkey Island game slowly but surely started an adventure game revolution. Still, it counts as a link. Especially with Neil Druckmann, creative director and co-president of Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us), who even went as far as slipping secrets related to the series into the very serious Uncharted 4. For players, the enthusiasm is also appropriate. . “I fell in love with Monkey Island. His universe, his music, his devastating humor.” tell us Grimch_HS, on Twitter. videographer super duckfor his part, speaks of a game that “captured his imagination”.

Suffice to say, the excitement of reuniting with Guybrush Threepwood, especially with the original team at the helm, is more than palpable. But come back to monkey island “This is also a major turning point for Lucasfilm Games.” explains Pierre-Eric Salard. “When LucasArts closed in 2013 (…), Lucasfilm retained only a small in-house department that manages the Star Wars license (Editor’s note). “Return to Monkey Island” represents a return to the essence of LucasArts, even if it’s not developed in-house. This is an adventure game taken from their most famous original license and developed by the creators of the original games. And, above all, it is an island (of the apes) in the middle of the Star Wars ocean, which demonstrates that they are finally trying to reunite with another part of their audience.”. Raise anchor, sailor.

“Return to Monkey Island” (Scheduled for release in 2022)

Return to Monkey Island: "Point & Click Avengers are back

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