The Perseverance and Zhurong rovers are in Cité de l’Espace!

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[EN VIDÉO] How Perseverance listens to the sounds of the planet Mars
Since its arrival on Mars on February 18, 2021, the Perseverance rover has used two microphones to pick up sounds surrounding the rover. JPL and Irap currently have about 5 hours of audio available to listen to online.

For almost 25 years, Cité de l’Espace has been telling and showing about space exploration, in particular with the help of Cnes andESA, strong European, French and even Toulouse participation in this adventure. copyAriadna 5duplicate station Peace, a lunar exhibition, of the essentials, only Mars was missing. From April 5, viewers will be able to see it.

This 900 m² crater houses an amphitheater that can accommodate more than 200 people to see two rovers roll and handle. Of course, these are not real all-terrain vehicles, but very accurate copies of life-size robots. They will be managed by Cité de l’Espace’s brilliant animation team, even if the idea of ​​making them standalone for more flexibility is being explored. The rovers will be displayed and piloted in front of the public during daily screenings covering the exploration of Mars for approximately thirty minutes.

The décor has been carefully prepared to make the experience as breathtaking as possible. This ” Mars as in life ! ”, explains Christophe Schaffardon, director of science, education and culture of the Cité de l’Espace. It should be recognized that the authors of this field have worked in good faith in collaboration with scientific experts from Cnes and the Institute for Research in Astrophysics and Planetary Science (Irap). The rovers were also not chosen by chance.

Toulouse, capital of Mars research in France

The arrival of the Martian landscape at the Cite de l’Espace in Toulouse is all that is most logical. Pink City is at the center of an international collaboration led by Cnes to participate in the exploration of Mars. Among the scientific minds behind this long-term collaboration are Irap and, in particular, planetary scientist Sylvester Maurice. He also spoke passionately about the science to be done on Mars with rovers, between two circles under Simon’s confident piloting. scientific mediator in town.

Sylvester Maurice pioneered and spearheaded a long dynamic in Toulouse that enabled the inclusion of ChemCam instruments and Supercam at the head of the American rovers Curiosity and perseverance. The two instruments combined have fired over a million laser shots on Mars, of which just over 10% have already been fired by the Supercam instrument.

Great success in France and Toulouse

Recall that both tools have the same function: to analyze the chemical nature of Martian rocks by studying the radiation they emit when they are fired with a laser. ” This is a great success for France and Toulouse. exclaims Lionel Suchet, deputy general manager of Cnes in Toulouse, of ChemCam and Supercam. Recently, the Supercam microphone developed in Toulouse at Isae-Supaéro has been developed, which has made it possible to determine sound speed in L’atmosphere Martian.

On Curiosity and Curiosity robotic models, ChemCam and Supercam boxes are easy to distinguish. perseverance in Space City. If Curiosity stays put, its little brother Perseverance will do some demos. mobile phones. Comat, based in Toulouse and known for developing ChemCam and Supercam boxes, is also a partner in this new Martian terrain.

The second all-terrain vehicle that will be demonstrated is a copy of the Chinese Zhurong. If the rover that landed on Mars last year is pretty inconspicuous, then the Chinese team came to consult Irap for their MarSCoDe laser spectrometer.

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