The United States and its allies are ready to apply new sanctions against Russia after the killings in Bucha

Western sanctions against Russia over its nearly six-week-long invasion of the neighboring country have intensified this week after civilians were found dead, shot at point-blank range, in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, recaptured from Russian troops.

Russia denies attacks on civilians in Bucha and calls the evidence presented a “monstrous fake” fabricated by the West to discredit them.

The White House said the new sanctions, which will be unveiled on Wednesday, are in part a response to Buchi.

These measures, agreed between Washington, the G7 and the European Union, will target Russian banks and officials and ban new investment in Russia, the White House said.

Sanctions proposed by the European Union, which must be approved by the bloc’s 27 member states, will ban the purchase of Russian coal and prevent Russian ships from entering EU ports.

EU chief executive Ursula von der Leyen said the bloc is also working on a ban on oil imports. Europe, which gets about a third of its natural gas from Russia, is wary of the economic consequences of a complete ban on Russian energy.

But in a move to strengthen EU resolve, the German foreign minister said the coal ban was the first step towards an embargo on all imports of Russian fossil fuels. Ukraine says the ban on gas supplies to Russia is key to reaching an agreement to end the war in peace talks.

In an early morning speech, Mr. Zelenskiy said the new sanctions “on Russia must be commensurate with the severity of the occupier’s war crimes,” describing the moment as “decisive” for Western leaders.

He added: “If after that Russian banks continue to operate as usual, if after that the transit of goods to Russia continues as usual, if after that the EU countries pay Russia for energy carriers, as usual, then the political fate of some leaders will turn out differently, normally”. .”


Since the beginning of the invasion on February 24, Russia has failed to capture a single major city in the so-called “special military operation” aimed at demilitarizing and “denazifying” Ukraine.

The Kremlin’s position is being rejected by Ukraine, the parliamentary democracy, and the West as a pretext for an unprovoked invasion that expelled a quarter of the country’s population.

Russian forces largely withdrew from Kyiv last week after getting bogged down in Ukrainian resistance. They shifted their offensive to the south and east of Ukraine.

In the besieged southern port of Mariupol, where tens of thousands of people are trapped with limited access to food and water, a Dominica-flagged cargo ship sank on Tuesday after it was shot down by Russian missiles.

Russia did not respond to a request for comment. Its armed forces said on Tuesday they shot down two Ukrainian military transport helicopters that were trying to leave the city.

The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the shelling of Mariupol continues, but did not provide details.

In the east, where Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, is one of Russia’s main targets, the General Staff said Ukrainian forces destroyed three Russian tanks and about 20 other armored personnel carriers.


Ukrainian officials say between 150 and 300 bodies may lie in a mass grave near a church in Bucha, north of Kyiv.

Satellite images taken weeks ago show bodies of civilians on a city street, a U.S. private company said, dismissing Russian claims that Ukrainian forces caused the deaths or that the scene was staged.

Reuters reporters saw at least four victims shot in the head by Butch, including one with his hands tied behind his back.

Residents reported that several more people were killed, some were shot in the eyes, and another was apparently beaten to death and maimed.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian Sergei Logovsky buried the body of a childhood friend who was shot in the mouth at close range after he disappeared as Russian troops occupied the city.

Lakhovsky and the others took shovels and dug a shallow grave on a grassy edge. They used a mat to transport the body, placing it in a ditch before covering it with wooden boards and covering it with earth.

“Why were those beasts shooting at him like that?” said Logovsky, sobbing. “This is not Russia, this is a monster.”

Reuters was unable to independently verify the details of Lakhovsky’s account or those responsible for the Bucha killings.

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