‘War of the Pixels’: How French Streamers Managed to Dominate the Reddit Battle

PIXEL WAR – And in the end, France wins. During the “War of the Pixels” event hosted on Reddit, the French community on Twitch took special note of the perfume: especially in the last hours of the event, once again offering proof of the enthusiasm it generates, as ZEvent has already demonstrated in recent years.

Five years after the first experience, the “Reddit Place” concept is back and sparking joy on the internet since April 1st. Based on a simple concept that allows each user to place a pixel of color on a huge canvas as they wish, Pixel Wars aimed to engage various web communities to bring the pixel patchwork to life. If a person could actually place a pixel of a chosen color once every 5 minutes, it would take a tremendous amount of coordination to be able to draw—and maintain—these drawings, which amounted to thousands of works glued together.

The “war” between communities recruited from around the world finally ended around 1am on Tuesday, April 5th. The overall work has returned to its starting point: a huge white canvas. Then on Reddit, the organizers of the event unveiled a sped-up video on Tuesday that traces the entire experience from its starting point. as you can see in the video below.

The epic battle of the French

In the final hours of this “social experiment” organized on the r/place forum, France became the target of all attacks. As in previous days, the French community actually organized itself so as not to yield a single pixel, or rather a tile, to other communities, mostly Americans and Latinos, who were jealous of the space occupied by the French flag, in the bottom right of the canvas.

The tricolor patchwork of, among others, Thomas Pescet, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Pyramid, the crescent-shaped Daft Punk or even Zinedine Zidane, has been ruled and defended with one voice by Kameto, streamer French on Twitch, and leader Karmine. Corp, one of the main French esports teams (whose video game exploits League of Legends sounds in the European arena).

To defend this tricolor territory, Kameto and the many French streamers at his side had to be resourceful and meticulous in order to fend off every advance from the rest of the world – sometimes coordinated, according to the site. Numerama. When Spanish streamers like Ibai automated pixels to “remove” French work, Quebec-based streamer xQc joined the Spanish and American communities to bridge the French space.

However, nothing helped: France held its ground and “until the end of the night.” And some episodes showcase this, like the one where xQc, then in full conversation with Kameto, promises that the Louvre Museum will not reappear after a powerful explosion of devastating pixels about France’s work. However, before the eyes of the Quebecer, the Louvre pyramid restored its shape in just a few seconds.

“All Stars” French-speaking Twitch

Next to Kameto, named the great “general” of the event, was also Zerator, another key figure in the Twitch scene in France. Montpellier, who we know in particular for launching ZEvent, made his community work. He was accompanied by Antoine Daniel, a former Youtube must-have in France who has since been on Twitch, as well as Squeezy, Domingo, Etoile (the man who whispers in Samuel Etienne’s ear online), Locklear and many others. other. other.

Often praised for being one of the most active and mobilized on Twitch, the French community is indeed an exception due to its importance in the global digital landscape. At the height of the event on Monday, April 4, over 600,000 people followed just the six or seven biggest French streamers online on Twitch in the evening. During the 14 hours of live broadcast on Monday, Kameto gained nearly 17 million views.

Together, they angered foreign communities with their tenacity in this “pixel war”. As such, many videos show streamers of other nationalities being stunned to see the French repaint certain parts of the network at very high speeds.

Waltz of the Seasons

Such feats were made possible thanks to the excellent organization of the French participants – to the point that sometimes accused – wrongly – of fraud by other communities. Under the general guidance of Kameto, each participant had to place a pixel according to a very simple logic: those who were born in the spring fired the first volley of defense, then those who were born in the summer, in winter, and so on.

Moreover, it was this balanced alternation in the face of disorganized and random attacks from other communities unable to agree on a common strategy that led to the preservation of the works designed and protected by the French until the last moments of the event.

Another notable fact is that this event did not cause any overt ego wars. So Squeezie, a leading French YouTuber with nearly 17 million subscribers, has quietly taken his place among much more modest streamers to get his audience and his pixels into the building.

An atmosphere reminiscent of the one that is felt every year at ZEvent, where each guest streamer makes their community work to raise donations for a charitable association in joy and good spirits. Thus, the latest edition of ZEvent in 2021 raised more than 10 million euros for action against hunger.

This spirit was once again proclaimed on the occasion of the “War of the Pixels”. And who found himself in the words of the winners. “GG ​​you pissed us off but it was a great fight, kudos to the entire Latino community, see you in 5 years” hunk Job Kameto at the end of the battle.

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