Weather for the Easter holidays: to improve?

TO Regis CREPE, meteorologist

The Easter school holidays in Area C are already starting next week. In this case, you are probably hoping for the return of spring weather, which can gradually set in over several days.

Easter school holidays last from April 11 to May 9, depending on the district. During this period, the weather will have time to fluctuate, but one thing is for sure, when you are on vacation, good weather is often desirable. What will happen in the first week of vacation?

trend to improve

We may have to be patient, but a general improvement in the weather may gradually come in the second half of next week and towards the Easter weekend. After all, even if you are not on vacation, remember that Easter will be Sunday, April 17, and that Easter Monday is a public holiday.

But before this improvement will need to be patient. Indeed, the beginning of the week will be mixed, with sensitive winds, especially in the south of France, with offshore wind and Avtan wind on Monday and Tuesday. Occasional heavy rains will affect the western and southwestern regions, but dry and pleasant weather may continue in the east and northeast of our country, continuing a pleasant Sunday. It is not actually said that these showers manage to cross France.

from Wednesday, these disturbances from the west may lessen towards Spain with a clear trend of improvement throughout France. We could then experience a mostly sunny afternoon, including the Easter weekend. Then the temperatures will fully correspond to the average seasonal values: from 7° to 10°C in the morning and from 16° to 20°C in the afternoon. A light east-north-easterly wind will pick up, favoring this fine dry weather, but occasionally bringing a slight coolness to the evenings, especially near the sea, especially on the Channel and North Sea beaches. But let’s not forget that we only have April, the month during which it is recommended, according to a well-known saying, “not to open oneself by a thread.”

The temperature level will depend on the location of the anticyclone. If it rises more towards the Scandinavian countries, which seems to be the majority scenario, the northeast to east wind will remain seasonal with cool nights. But if the anticyclone rises from the Azores, as other numerical models show, then we may see a sharper rise in temperatures over the Easter weekend.

If you go…

If you go to sea Weather conditions seem to be favorable next week as increasingly dry weather sets in on our coastline from Wednesday. The only drawback will be a weak wind oriented to the northeast or east depending on the coast. This sometimes contributes to a feeling of coolness, but with the right sunlight, the atmosphere can be pleasant. Beware of sunburn, which can happen as early as this time of year!

If you go to the mountains, the choice seems just as favorable. At the beginning of the week in the Pyrenees, there may still be clouds and rains, and in the second half of the week the spring sun will return. The mountain was hit by heavy snow last weekend, but at this time of year fresh snow at low altitudes doesn’t last long. Below 1500 m, the mountain will return to its spring appearance, where several patches of snow will alternate with flowering gentians and colchicums. You will have to be wary of unstable snow cover at altitude, and the practice of skiing will be quite pleasant in areas above 1800 m above sea level, because it will not be too hot there and the quality of the snow will be maintained.

And if you don’t go, it’s always nice to have nice clear weather, especially since those lovely spring conditions can last into the Easter weekend.

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