Film and audiovisual media in search of sustainable standards

Production directors, production managers, production designers and locators met Tuesday at the Afflocat Training Center for a training session on the area’s environmental issues. Unprecedented approach and noble ambitions

Learning promotion service Filming department of Corsica declared color. It will be green. Audiovisual production version Community of Corsica (CdC) accepts the environmental challenge.

And this Tuesday Ajacciobias has led to vocational training organized in partnership with Afflocat-Corsica Training Center*, on this topic “territories and environmental problems”. Because good environmentally responsible manners can also be learned.

The project created by the Corsica Environment Authority brought together about fifteen interns, in other words “film and audiovisual professionals such as stage directors, location scouts, production managers, set designers”, clarifies Natalie Gress from the Culture Department of the Training and Promotion Department of Corsica Pôle Tournages, CdC.

Throughout the day, the universe of the seventh art, and audiovisual art in general, will be experienced through the Geoportail platform, GPS points, environmental regulations, or even filming permit procedures. At the Afflokat premises in Baleón, it will be about spaces that are as outstanding as they are vulnerable, environmental norms or even environmentally responsible behaviour.

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Between situations and practical examples, the instructors included in the scenario existing efficient devices, Ecoprod at the national level and “ecomigliurenza” at the territorial level, strict adherence to which is accompanied by an additional subsidy, about 15% for feature films, fiction. and serials.

Excellence, especially in terms of management, production, decorative elements and quality of materials, deserves a small reward.

From this point of view, Corsica could well serve as a school.

“We are the only ones with Paris to play the role of an instigator. Actors of the sector invited us to Paris these days, in addition to presenting our eco-bonus”we emphasize in CdC.

Pilot area

Be that as it may, all the knowledge gained will very quickly prove useful in the field, given the severe environmental restrictions enshrined in the territory.

These include, for example, Natura 2000, bird protection, habitat protection. Very often recommendations overlap. It is often very difficult for manufacturing companies to know who is responsible for the relevant rules. Geoportal, a national platform created by Dreal that provides access to services for the exploration and visualization of geographic or geolocation data, circumvents these difficulties.” said the organizers of the training.

And we are already planning to go further. “We are working with Dreal to implement an application on the island to dematerialize the request for permission to shoot in the natural environment,” commented by Natalie Gress. The concept is innovative and the island is a trailblazer.

“We will be a pilot territory in this area”noted.

The training day also follows this logic of expectation. “You should know that from 2023, CNC, the national center for film and the moving image, will be asking all production companies to provide carbon footprint data for every shoot. Hence the interest in accommodation today. “Our technicians are now in contact with Ecoprod. We hope to organize certification training with this organization before the end of the year,” we complete.

On its agenda, Corsica Pôle Tournage also scheduled training for make-up artists on how to make transfer prostheses – make-up with a mention of film special effects.

Afdas, a joint managerial and vocational training organization in the sector – training insurance for recreational activities – is also a stakeholder in this process.

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