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Growing repression in Russia, including in the case of Alexei Navalny

Parliament condemns the internal repression of the Russian regime, which has intensified since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He calls on the Russian authorities to end the harassment, intimidation and attacks against all anti-war demonstrators, independent civil society organizations, NGOs and human rights defenders.

The deputies say that the Russian regime’s aggression against democracy and disregard for the rights of other peoples “paved the way for Russian despotism, international aggression and war crimes.” They emphasize that an undemocratic Russia is a constant threat to the security and stability of Europe.

In addition, Parliament strongly condemns the imprisonment of Sakharov Prize winner Alexei Navalny and reiterates its call for his immediate and unconditional release, along with hundreds of other Russian citizens who were detained without any justification on the sole ground that they had the courage to demonstrate in favor of democracy and peace. .

Finally, MEPs call on the EU to impose sanctions on Russian officials involved in acts of repression against independent civil society, the media and peaceful demonstrators, as well as against Alexei Navalny.

The text was accepted by a show of hands. For more information, you can read the full report here (04/07/2022).

Human rights in North Korea, including persecution of religious minorities

The Parliament reiterates its strong condemnation of decades of systematic government repression by the current and former leaders and administration of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He asks Kim Jong-un to put an end to the policy of extermination, murder, slavery, torture, forced abortion, forced population displacement and political, religious, racial and gender persecution.

MEPs are also deeply concerned about the systematic violations of freedom of religion and belief regarding shamanism and Christianity, as well as other religions in North Korea. They condemn the arbitrary arrests, prolonged detentions and killings of believers in the country and call on the authorities to end all violence against these minorities and grant them the right to freedom of religion and belief.

In addition, the resolution expresses the serious concern of the deputies about the seriousness of the food situation that the country has to face, and its impact on the economic, social and cultural rights of the population. MEPs call on the North Korean authorities to guarantee all citizens access to food and humanitarian aid.

The text was accepted by a show of hands. It will be available here (04/07/2022).

Human rights and the rule of law in Guatemala

MEPs are concerned about the deterioration of the law in Guatemala and lawsuits brought by the Supreme Court and the Attorney General against independent judges, lawyers and prosecutors investigating criminal structures associated with high-ranking government officials and business owners.

They also denounce the criminalization, detention and harassment of judicial officials who deal with corruption cases, as well as those who persecute human rights defenders and journalists. MEPs call on the Guatemalan authorities to put an end to these actions and uphold the rule of law and full respect for the independence of the branches of government.

In addition, they call on the Guatemalan authorities to conduct prompt, thorough and impartial investigations into threats, acts of harassment and stigmatization campaigns against members of the judiciary and members of civil society.

The resolution was adopted by a show of hands. For more information, the full version will be available here (04/07/2022).

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