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Les Questionautes, a web series to give everyone a taste for science

On April 7, 2022, Libraries Without Borders and Samsung launch the second season of their Questions video program for 8-12 year olds with 5 new videos. At the heart of this project is the idea of ​​instilling in children a love of science and creating vocations in both boys and girls, who, according to recent studies, tend to turn away from higher scientific pursuits. The goal of the operation: to reach more than 20,000 young people and 2,500 teachers and educators.

Why is it raining? How does an aircraft weighing more than 50 tons manage to get off the ground? What is an atom? And how do birds manage to migrate from Africa to Belgium without getting lost?

In 10 videos combining pedagogy and creativity, Sam and his buddy Leonard, agents of the prestigious Questions Bureau, work to answer these questions. In addition to theory, each episode encourages you to do an experiment or practice on your own, at home or in class.

Inspired by the famous “C’est pas sorcier” and “Art Attack”, this initiative was born from a collaboration between Samsung, the world leader in digital technology, and Bibliothèque Sans Frontières Belgium, a non-governmental organization specializing in access to information and education. who decided to join forces to popularize the disciplines of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among the younger generation.

According to Sven Adams, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Samsung Benelux, Samsung’s commitment stems from the company’s very values: We believe in the importance of experimenting with STEM and digital technologies from childhood. Creativity, innovation and critical thinking are essential skills for the citizens of tomorrow, which is why we aim to raise children’s awareness of these values ​​by supporting teachers who are an important link in digital transformation. »

Originally developed as a series of 10 videos available on YouTube from home or school, Les Questionautes goes further by supporting teachers and educators. In addition to each video, they benefit from a topic sheet with information and extra activities to do in class. A good way to facilitate STEM learning in a simple and affordable way.

Primary school teacher in Charleroi Amélie Fieve emphasizes that these videos can trigger learning in her classroom: “ Having this type of resource is a real incentive to tackle difficult topics in class and makes them more concrete. Linking school subjects to everyday situations, stimulating children’s creativity… it all opens doors: suddenly math isn’t “just” multiplication tables and abstract equations… it’s also the basis of the language used by their computer or mobile phone. “.

“STEM orientation varies greatly by gender and social background”says Dimitri Verboomen, director of the Belgian organization Libraries Without Borders. “However, these skills represent a major challenge for social inclusion and employment in the coming years. That’s why at Les Questionautes we wanted to showcase STEM in a dynamic, playful and accessible way for everyone, especially young girls. »

Stimulate children’s curiosity, open up possibilities while fighting the still all-too-common clichés of “jobs for girls” and “boys”: this is the challenge the Questionnaires are trying to take on, which infuse humor and creativity into sometimes abstract materials. minds of young people.

Questions… and after?
After 10 videos are published, Libraries Without Borders wants to continue the experiment and make scientific discoveries physical by translating these videos into the form of events organized during school holidays or during fairs. Goal: Let the youngest put on Sam’s shoes and create their own science textbook.

10 Questionnaire videos can be found today on the site as well as on YouTube channel libraries without borders.

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