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This weekend, Twitch will ignite ZLAN 2022 once again. Organized by ZeratoR, this esports competition brings together the flagships of French gaming for a weekend of intense showdown. We will explain everything to you.

[Mis à jour le 7 avril 2022 à 11h42] Twitch is in the center of gaming news this week with the return of ZLAN. Competition is likely to be fierce at this event, hosted by the now famous Adrian “ZeratoR” Nougare, the French streamer behind ZEvent. But this time it’s not about a major charity event, but about the struggle between different actors, famous and lesser known, the game. We’ll find francophone streamers and individuals gathered there for the weekend to choose between a dozen games. In short, the action-packed, unmissable meeting program is streaming live on Twitch and on the ZeratoR channel, and is also open to the public in Lyon this Sunday. Program, rules, games and participants – here’s all the information you need to prepare for this weekend.

What are the ZLAN 2022 dates?

Whether you don’t want to miss ZLAN 2022 or you just want to follow the competition for the games you are interested in, we detail its exact program. ZLAN 2022 will take place from Friday 8 April to Sunday 10 April 2022 in Lyon, more specifically at the Double Mixte Hall in Villeurbanne. If you would like to attend the event live, please be aware that the last day of the competition, which is Sunday 10 April from noon, will be open to the public. Go to the official ZLAN 2022 cashier here (fill in). For those who just want to enjoy the event on Twitch, the first competition of the event will start on Friday, March 8 at 19:00.

What is the program for ZLAN 2022?

Eleven games, 228 players and 76 trios, leaving only one winning trio at the end of the weekend. This is the ZLAN 2022 formula, which will be divided into three stages of the competition. Starting Friday, the players will begin the first phase of the qualifying groups, in which the teams will be divided into four groups, each of which will consist of 19 trios. The first six triplets from each group advance to the next stage, which will also be a group stage, with four groups of 6 teams. At the end of the second day of the competition, the first two from each group will have access to the direct elimination final phase. The quarter-finals will take place on Saturday night behind closed doors, and starting from the semi-finals on Sunday, April 10, the competition will be held in front of the public. The quarter-finals are BO3 (best of three matches), the semi-finals are BO5, and the final is a big BO7, including a puzzle game.

Who is participating in ZLAN 2022?

Among the participants of ZLAN 2022 there are a trio of streamers, as well as a trio of people selected at random. In total, 228 players will take part in the event, divided into 76 trios, among which we will find such famous names as Mickalow, KennyStream, Gotaga or Etoiles. The streamer teams make up 40, while the lottery player teams make up the other 36. They compete in everything and for everyone for a cash prize of 51,015 euros.

What are the games and rules of ZLAN 2022?

ZLAN has been a multi-gaming event since it was first held. That is, players compete in several different games, of which there are eleven this year. It includes Apex Legends, Worms WMD, ZUTOM, Elden Ring, Riders Republic, Rocket League, Age of Empires 4, Fall Guys, Hotwheels Unleashed, Pro Soccer Online, and a mystery game that will be revealed during the finale. If in some games it is easy to determine the winner of the confrontation, then in others it is more difficult. This is especially true of Elden Ring, a successful role-playing game that is an adventure relatively reserved for single player. We detail the rules of confrontations specific to each game.

  • ancient ring : Relay Speedrun, players pass the controller and have 45 minutes to kill 3 bosses (Dragon Agil, Godric, Crimson Wolf Radagon). The fastest team wins.
  • ZUTOM : Find fifteen words in the given time with the fewest attempts. Each player will be alone in front of their keyboard.
  • rocket league : BO3 between two trios, only in the final phase.
  • Age of Empires IV : General hand-to-hand combat in the team relay on the map, uniting six triplets. Players must hover every five minutes.
  • Apex Legends : Custom games in which the number of kills and the final place are worth points. The final stage of ZLAN will take place in arenas in a 3v3 format.
  • Professional football onlinee: Matches 3v3 for 5 minutes during BO5, only in the final phase.
  • Hotwheels on the loose : Racing against other players, pitting 6 players from different teams in the group stage and a trio against another in the final stage.
  • autumn boys : Games involving players from one pool in the first stage of the competition and two pools in the second stage, each event won is worth one point for each team, and a victory is worth 5 points.
  • Ryders Republic : Mass race with 57 players in the first group stage and a race with 6 players in the final stage.
  • WMD Worms : Deathmatch with 4 teams of six hearts (two per player) in the group stage, deathmatch with 2 teams of six hearts (two per player) in the final stage.

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