before attacking season 5, here is a recap of season 4

Series first released in 2018 Elite continues to excite the public. After the success of the fourth season, the fantasy has already been renewed for two more seasons. Season 5 is available this Friday, April 8th at netflix. The new episodes are marked by the departure of Miguel Bernardo (Guzmán) and Aron Piper (Ander), replaced by three new students: Eric (Adam Nuru), Isadora (Valentina Zemere) and Ivan (André Lamoglia). Rookies who are sure to shake up the lives of Las Encinas students. But before opening a new season on Netflix, TV Leisure offers you a small overview of the fourth seasonElite refresh your memory.

Two love triangles in season 4Elite

The friendship between Guzmán (Miguel Bernardo) and Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) is tested when they both fall under the spell of Ari (Carla Diaz), a new student at Las Encinas. The new principal’s daughter first targets Guzmán, prompting the student to break up with his girlfriend Nadia (Mina El Hammam) before succumbing to Samuel’s charms. A love triangle develops between Ari, Guzmán and Samuel, which quickly turns tragic. Unable to make a choice, Samuel and Guzman got into a fight at a year-end party. And when Samuel’s phone falls to the ground, Guzmán finally realizes that Ari prefers his friend.

Apart from the love triangle between Guzmán, Samuel and Ari, the audience was also able to discover the troupe formed by Omar, Ander and Patrick. However, this little game ends when Omar realizes that he has developed feelings for Patrick. An attraction that leads to a painful rift between Omar and Ander. However, the couple is eventually reunited, much to Patrick’s chagrin. Abandoned, he meets a man at a year-end party, while Omar makes the decision to let Ander fulfill his dream: to explore the world.

Cayetana falls under the spell of Prince Philip, then becomes disillusioned.

When Cayetana (Georgina Amoros) hears about the prince’s arrival in Las Encinas, this fashion lover jumps for joy. But the young woman is quickly disillusioned when she discovers that Philippe (Paul Grunch) is filming their intimate antics without her knowledge. During a tense confrontation, he confesses to her that he is now taking precautions due to a previous allegation of sexual assault. Alas for Cayetana, she reveals another facet of her prince, not so charming. One evening, after having a few drinks, Cayetana and Philippe share a kiss in the back seat of a car. If at first it seems that the young woman enjoys this little intimate moment, she eventually asks him to stop. Noticing that the latter wants to continue his antics, Cayetana manages to get out and exits the car, naked and in shock. While Philip tries to apologize, Cayetana is persuaded by his mother to close the case.

Another death in Elite !

Fourth seasonElite began with the revelation that Ari had been attacked and taken to the hospital, unconscious. Over the episodes, the mystery lessens and we discover that it is Armando, the man responsible for the attack. After having a few drinks at a year-end party, Ari sees his sister Mencia (Martina Carridi) arguing with Armando (Andrés Velencoso). She quickly realizes that the Rebbe was telling the truth about her sister’s troubled life. When Ari tries to call his father, Armando violently attacks him and tries to strangle him before Guzmán intervenes. The two men get into a fight, and in an attempt to defend himself, Guzmán picks up a gun and shoots his opponent. After Armando’s murder, Nadia’s ex-boyfriend runs into Samuel and the Rebbe and quickly explains to them what happened. The three swear to secrecy and dispose of the body in the river. To protect himself, Guzmán decides to join Ander on his quest to explore the world. But what happens when the police find Armando’s body in the lake?

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