Cinema: Preview in Toulouse for a good plan (-sequence)

film crew 20s “Wants to inject new energy into the film by expanding the experience with an event series. Thereby (like in a movie) each episode will be filmed at one time. Twelve shots in real sequence!” emphasizes the film crew. So, after Nantes, La Rochelle and Bordeaux, a meeting is scheduled in Toulouse, on April 13 …

It’s a real cinematic “experience” which goes beyond the screen and the room to directly engage viewers: “While we are in between rounds of the presidential election, the series will show another face of Franceaway from political politics. She will talk about what really matters in the life of an entire generation: their dreams, their future that needs to be saved, and, above all, how each and every one is coping with the fact of life on this earth at this special time.

A brigade of 15 people is mobilized daily.

Image from the film’s press kit…

In Toulouse on April 13, as in each of the twelve cities of the tour preview, an episode will be filmed and broadcast that same evening in the pre-movie room and online. Thus, the public will discover the new character in his hometown before seeing their reunion in Paris in the film.

And make this show possible, “A team of 15 people will be constantly on the road for 15 days. Every day, through careful organization, they will create a unique series of events never before attempted anywhere!” organizers say.

Simple story… Special moment…

Synopsis20s It’s simple : A few hours in Paris, one summer evening in 2020. The camera follows one passer-by, then another, traveling through the streets of the city and multiplying interesting encounters: young eccentrics, original and nonconformist characters. In the course of one continuous shot, the camera connects the characters through the same territory and one crisis era, which each crosses and sets in his own way.

Image from the film’s press kit.

specific context, is that this single shot (more than 6 km, on foot, by subway, by scooter) in Paris removed at the exit from the first conclusionwhen life was just beginning to resume. Elizabeth Fogler

shot this film “off the grid”, inspired by the energy of the moment. On this June evening, the camera pans across the city, revealing the conversations of those who cross its path. They talk about what they lived, thought, felt, cried and loved. And these little stories come together to tell the “time”.

“There is a real desire to express as much as possible” Portrait of a muzzled generation? Not so easy!“There is a real desire to express as much as possible” , – emphasizes the actor and co-writer of the film, Joris Avado. And for Noemi Schmidt (actress and co-writer): “It was a great happiness to be together.Since this is a sequence of shots (…) each actor was waiting for his moment

. He had his performance to play. And if you missed, then the whole film suffered (…) And at the same time there was this super-simple and seething joy from the fact that you were again in Paris, with friends … “

Shower of praise! Please Note: This is Tuesday, April 13th at cinema ABCFrom Toulouse . behind “divine experience” in accordance with New York Times and “cinematic and artistic feat” in accordance with CBS behind “one of the best films of the year”(Cinema Threat ) is defined as “bold and hypnotic” on Diversity !20s whose national release scheduled for April 27th got Jury Prize to Tribeca Film Festival (New York) and title Best movie to MIFF Awards


Philip SEA Elizabeth Fogler it is a nickname,“There is no secret, a real person is hiding behind it, but this is a desire to show films first, and then single out people. Dismantle the ego of a French writer/director to get to the bottom of things. We like to talk about films horizontally with those who make them. Because films are not made alone.” explains Laurent Rochette… Elisabeth Vogler’s pseudonym is borrowed from a character in the filmIngmar Bergman persons
“Since my first film in 2014, I prefer to remain anonymous and take this pseudonym. Cinema for me is something intimate (…) I prefer people to be interested in the films I make than my person, and I really feel closer with a female pseudonym…” Image from the film’s press kit. Script: Joris Avodo, François Marc, Noemie Schmidt, Elisabeth Vogler. Artists: Noemie Schmidt, Alice de Lenquesin, Manuel Severi, Paul Scarfoglio, Zoe Fauconnet, François Rollin, Leela Poulet, Adil Laboudi, Leo Poulet, Mehdi Jaadi. His : Vincent Cosson, Nicolas Fioraso, Julien Gerber, Cesar Mamoudi, Olivier Voisin; Music : Jean-Charles Bastion. Production : June 21 cinemaand


. Carcassonne, FIFP and news… As part of International Political Film Festival (FIFP) in Carcassonne, organizes an exclusive evening around the preview of the animated documentary “My Favorite War” directed by Ilze Burkowska-Jakobsen, Tuesday, April 12 at

CGR Colosseum . A film that resonates with international news in the east of the European continent: In the 1970s, LatviaThis

Soviet Socialist Republic

. Ilze, a director, talks about his childhood at the height of the Cold War, under a powerful authoritarian regime. At first an ardent communist, she somehow sharpens her critical spirit in the face of national indoctrination. But it is youth that will finally allow him to win real freedom of thought …

On the white screen of our sleepless nights…

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