Fake invoices, a truck in a ditch, Diego’s storm … Briefly about the different facts of this Friday in Auvergne

Drunk driver involved in an accident

The traffic accident happened this Friday at about 12:15 at departmental 89, in a place called “Chignat”, Vertezon commune. The 40-year-old motorist was driving from the Pont du Chateau when she decided to overtake the vehicle in front. But during the maneuver, he collided with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction, which led to a collision of the next vehicle. Two cars, driven by a 42-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man, ended up in a nearby field. Three drivers with minor injuries were taken to the university hospital. The overtaking driver tested positive for alcohol. She should be called to the police soon.

Seventy false invoices totaling 3,800 euros.

A 44-year-old woman is subpoenaed during a preliminary guilty plea appearance to respond to false bills. According to an investigation by police from the Riom police station, this Martre-d’Artière resident is suspected of issuing false invoices totaling about 3,800 euros to various practitioners between 2020 and 2022. the health insurance company from which she demanded reimbursement. Thereafter, the defendant reimbursed all misappropriated amounts.

Prosecution for racist speech in Clermont-Ferrand

An argument broke out between several people around 4 a.m. this Friday on Rue Fontgiève in Clermont-Ferrand. The respondent, a young Pudomua, who had 1.60 g of alcohol in his blood, allegedly made racist remarks about the young woman. He was arrested and taken into custody. At the end of the hearing, he was summoned to face criminal charges for racist remarks.

Record seizure of 19.5 kg of heroin and dismantling of Issoire’s gendarme traffickers (Puy-de-Dome)


Heavyweight in isolation from Chevan and Dompierre

A truck driver on D779 lost control of his truck after trying to overtake another truck on Thursday, April 7 at around 10:10 pm. The truck, which was carrying perfume and traveling to Germany, ended up in a ditch. During the restoration of the damaged car, which ended on Friday, April 8, at about 5 am, a detour was organized, followed by a return to normal traffic.

The storm blew in Alya

The storm that broke Diego, this Friday, April 8, in Alla. Firefighters have received numerous calls due to fallen trees on the roads, especially in the north of the department. The gendarmes of the Allier Company, for their part, reported roadblocks in the municipalities of Lourcy-Lévy, Saint-Martin-de-Laye, Gennethin and Chemilly, among others.


A drunk driver overturned a gendarme’s leg in Aurillac.

While the police, with the support of the gendarmerie, organized a blood-alcohol test, on the night of Thursday 7 April to Friday 8 April, near Prisme in Aurillac, the driver, whose alcohol level was then above the legal minimum, was crushed. soldier’s leg. The gendarme has a fracture of the metatarsal bone, he was assigned temporary disability for a period of one month.

70-year-old man rushed to hospital after falling

Place d’Aurinques in Aurillac, a 78-year-old woman fell on Friday, April 8 at around 2:50 pm. Injured, she was taken by firemen to the Henri-Mondor Hospital Center.

premium Firefighter charged in Corrèze arson series

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