Presidential Election 2022. Segolene Royal, Jean-Louis Borloo, Marion Marechal… Who supports whom?

Today at midnight the presidential campaign of the first round will end. All weekend candidates will be on standby. This also applies to their supporters.

The campaign, which many observers have called “strange”, has had no shortage of rallies, a sign of the unfinished political realignment following the election of Emmanuel Macron.

Symbolic of the loss of momentum by the two main traditional parties, Anne Hidalgo and Valerie Pecresse were the victims of several defections. They were supported only by historical figures. Loyal to the socialist family, former prime minister Lionel Jospin vote for Anne Hidalgo. As Francois Hollande which already anticipates the post-presidential period. Martin Aubrey also remained loyal to the mayor of Paris.

Sarkozy remains mysterious

Valerie Pekress, on the right, boasts of garnering support Laurent Vokies, president of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region and former leader of the party. Among historical former prime ministers Edward Balladur and François Fillon spoke on behalf of the President of the Île-de-France region. On the other side, Nicolas Sarkozy did not support the LR candidate. Close to Emmanuel Macron, the former head of state also did not speak in favor of the outgoing president.

Nicolas Sarkozy (here February 25, 2022) did not announce his intentions until the first round of the presidential election. | LUDOVIK MARIN / AFP

Conversely, many former Republican members have crossed the line. This is the case Renault Muselier Paka Region President, Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarinformer prime minister or Jean-Louis Borlooformer Minister of Housing. Edward Philipwho was Emmanuel Macron’s prime minister until July 2020, remains loyal despite a refreshing relationship with the outgoing president. François BayrouPresident Modem, also renews his support for the head of state.

In line with your strategy in the same timeEmmanuel Macron also attracts the centre-left. former prime minister, Manuel Waltz again supports the one who was the Minister of Economics. Marisol Touraine, the former health minister, also announced that she would vote for Emmanuel Macron. In addition to these expected rallies, the presidential candidate received the support of the PS of the Mayor of Dijon. François Rebsamin .

Royal and Taubira vote for Mélenchon

Other former socialists have made the opposite choice. This is the case of a former candidate, Segolene Royalewho called for the vote for Jean-Luc Mélenchon on behalf of “useful vote”. The rebel candidate also received the support of a journalist and an anti-racial activist. Emeric Caron or feminist activist Caroline DeHaas.

He will also have the right to vote Christian Taubira the winner of the popular primaries, but which had to be abandoned due to the lack of 500 sponsors. Pierre Larrutourupopular primary candidate and Samuel Grzybowskiformer representative of the popular primaries, also supports the rebel candidate.

The still leftist Yannick Jadot received the support of the former Socialist candidate. Benoit Amon. He can also count on the vote of the finalist of the environmental primaries, Sandrine Rousseaudespite his exclusion from the environmental candidate’s campaign.

Sandrine Rousseau at the Yannick Jadot meeting on March 27, 2022 in Paris. | STEPHAN DE SAKUTIN / AFP

Former candidates Olivier Besancenot and Arlette Laguiller supporting Philippe Putou and Nathalie Artaud respectively.

Fabien Roussel can count on old socialists Emmanuel Morel and Marie Noelle Lienemannafter first support Arno Montebourg. For his part, the former Minister of Industrial Recovery decided not to support anyone. This also applies to Raphael Glucksmannpublic square or Guillaume Lacroixradical left party.

Zemmour poached from RN

At the opposite end of the political spectrum, a lot has changed with the candidacy of Eric Zemmour. Newcomer to politics, columnist CNews several people were attracted to him. Guillaume Pelletier, former Republican vice president became vice president of the Reconquista. Former Candidate Philip de Villiersalso lined up behind him friend.

Gilbert Collar on the podium during the meeting of Eric Zemmour at the Trocadero in Paris, March 27, 2022 | JULIAN DE ROSA / AFP

But it was at the National Rally that the rallies were the most numerous. MEPs Gilbert Collard, Nicholas Bay and Jerome Riviere now support Eric Zemmour. The most spectacular poaching came from the Le Pens themselves, as Marion Marshal decided to support the candidate of the Reconquista! not his aunt.

On the other side, Jean Marie Le Pen remained faithful to his daughter. Marine Le Pen can also always count on the support of Mayor Béziers. Robert Menardand Perpignan, Louis Elliot. But not on the former right hand, Florian Philippot who, having failed to collect 500 signatures, decided to support Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

Presidential Election 2022. Segolene Royal, Jean-Louis Borloo, Marion Marechal… Who supports whom?

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