Sugar overdose with “From Proust to Dada” by André Germain, this belle epoch narrator

Intrusive, like a thunder gadfly, André Germain crosses the early 20th century art scene with his cane, his morgue, his daddy’s boy pose and his collection of gossip. A bitter gossip, we find his fingerprints in all the magazines of the interwar period, and his toned silhouette in all the little-traveled saloons: he rubs his boots with Robert de Montesquiou, the chef of Sweet Smells; glaviot on the enphilanthropist Jean Lorrain, who invites him “back to laundry” ; stamps before Proust “who analyzes their litter”. In his eleventh book, From Proust to Dada (following a series of decidedly illegible collections of poetry), published in 1924, André Germain creates a literary gymnastics worth seeing using the Michelin guide’s vocabulary. You should read this web of twisted nonsense, if only for a laugh. But also for a style that borrows from Symbolism its most beautiful hairlines and fussy bustle. In the category of printed nanars, here is the top, what am I saying? Candy Annapurna. To read this, we are close to illico diabetes.

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Anna de Noailles, a popular poet of Wallachian blood, wrote The Innocents, a novel with bad manners. Andre Germain is delighted: this woman “a beautiful allegory that his fate is carried away into a sunset full of selected apotheoses, together with ministers and marshals, on an already night ship, which the official leadership accompanies to his shipwreck on the shore of time”. Aurora Sand, granddaughter of the Baroness Dudevant, signed Ecarnacion in 1924. “More than the joy of art: contact with the soul”. André Gide gives “If the grain does not die”: “Descendants will place it not far from Racine, where the genius of France smiles at itself for centuries and continues to contemplate itself in mirrors as transparent as the reflective ornaments of its parks of past years”. The Taro brothers, Jérôme and Jean, sing “When Israel shall be king”: “The Jewish Problem: The interest of the book of Taraud is to ask it about a given country at a time when it tends to invade Europe … The Taro Brothers have transgressed their own limitations and reached those spaces where the Spirit breathes. free”. “Trading shares” by Paul Moran? Book “sweetly domineering” where is the author “as soon as he meets the landscape, he makes him black eyes”. Jean Giraudoux, in his book Siegfried and Limousin, adorns his pages “exquisites dressed in nothingness, entertainment that juggles bubbles that hatch on the surface of nothingness”. Francois Mauriac, “guide of the canefor and manager of flower sacrifices”and “The wine of Dionysus and the water of Baptism flow alternately through the urn of his soul”. Dryeux-la-Rochelle “don’t care about the tuxedo he was supposed to wear”Monterlant “protector of unhealthy virgins and dying cities”Radiguet “combines the audacity of Mr. Marguerite with the delicacy of Mr. Mauriac”and Aragon looks like this “Recognizes non-Muslim complacency and innate insolence, among the antics of incubi and hatched dragon eggs, at the very mouths of Pont Euxin”. So it’s a rastaquar, so fi!

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” Study ” ? “Sloppy Journey”

But back to Proust, whom André Germain clearly envies to death: “In Search of Lost Time” “sodom brood” wherein “Kisses are prepared and carried out like childbirth”. Qualified as “half-hearted, prepared by Proust “strange cabbage soup served to us by an incontinent cook, in which soak, softened with a fatty detergent, an endless amount of turnips, carrots and leeks, sometimes comforting potatoes, even quarters of excellent boiled beef”. This is “dirty trip”product “joking author of Sodom”. Later, a little remorsefully, André Germain would write The Keys of Proust (1953) after turning over his jacket and fooling around with the Germans. And end his life (in 1971) with a series of historical gossip (I recommend “Les Grandes Favorites 1815-1940”) to end on his knees praising the Bondiazar writers qualified as “Modern Crusaders” (I do not recommend).

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All his life, André Germain strove to be accepted into the French Academy, proud of his soul urn and his Bignole pen. Having learned that Jean Taro was elected in 1946 after his brother Jerome, Germain would say the only kind word about his long existence: “Another Kaze Taro”. Here, I swear.

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From Proust to DadaismAndré Germain, Editions du Sagittaire, 1924.

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