What do we know about the act of Marina Ovsyannikova, the woman who condemned the war in Ukraine in the full-length Russian television

Photos of his sign “No War” have been around the world since Monday evening. Marina Ovsyannikova appeared on the set of JT, the first Russian public channel, waving a clear message of protest against the war in Ukraine. Un act strong, risky, praised for bravery, in a country where information is tightly controlled, especially after the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Marina Ovsyannikova was immediately arrested and appeared in court on Tuesday, March 15, for broadcasting a video on the Internet in parallel with her appearance on television news, in which she condemns the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine and regrets that “Kremlin propaganda”. Franceinfo summarizes what we know about this 43-year-old Muscovite, her actions and their consequences.

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Prime time disruption

Journalist and producer Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of the pro-Kremlin public broadcaster Channel One (Channel One international), the most influential in the country, burst on a Monday night filming main evening news program, Timea daily rally attended by millions of Russians, according to an American newspaper The newspaper “New York Times*.

During the speech of the famous presenter Ekaterina Andreeva, we see how Marina Ovsyannikova appears behind her with a sign that says: “No war. Do not believe the propaganda. They lie to you here”. “Russians against the war”it is also written on this poster, on which the flags of Ukraine and Russia are drawn.

unperturbed, leading, in office for twenty years keeps talking for a few seconds while the protester starts “Stop the War”then the channel rushes to launch a report about hospitals, ending the live broadcast on the set.

“An internal investigation is underway” On this “incident”– laconically stated in a press release from Channel One shortly after Marina’s invasion. Ovsyannikova. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called this gesture an act “hooliganism”. “The chain and those who should take care of it will take care of it”he commented. “After Airing”, Marina Ovsyannikova was arrested”reported the public organization “OVD-Info”, which is trying to “Tracking political persecution in Russia”.

Regrets about participating in “Kremlin propaganda”

Marina Ovsyannikova, 43, was born in Odessa, Ukraine to a Ukrainian father and a Russian mother. According to the information available on his Profile on Facebook, she is the mother of two minor children and lives in Moscow, where she studied at the Academy of Russian National Economy. It also passed through Kuban State University, a university in the country’s southwest, 360 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

In recent years, he worked as a producer at the state broadcaster Channel One. Marina Ovsyannikova promoted “Kremlin propaganda” as she herself explained in a video recorded on the eve of her speech and posted on Twitter in parallel. “For this I am now very ashamed.she said. I am ashamed that I allowed the lies to be broadcast on TV screens, that I participated in the brainwashing of the Russian people.” According to her, “What is happening in Ukraine is a crime. Russia is an aggressor country”with manager: “Vladimir Putin”.

In this video, the new face of the opponents of the Russian regime wears a necklace in the colors of two countries, Russia and Ukraine, as a symbol of her demand for peace.

She faces up to 15 years in prison.

Although his lawyer, Daniil Berman, assured on Tuesday that he still hasn’t been able to meet with his client, a hearing involving the spread of his video online finally took place in a Moscow court. Marina Ovsyannikova was tried for illegal demonstration. Convicted of committing “administrative offense”she will have to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles (about 250 euros at the current exchange rate).

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“My life, of course, has changed a lot. I’m glad I said what I thought. More importantly, now there is a new trend: other journalists are following my example”she said after the hearing. In a brief press statement afterward, she said that she wanted first of all “rest” after this test “very difficult”. “These are very difficult days in my life, I spent almost two days without sleep, the interrogation lasted fourteen hours”she explained.

“I didn’t have the right to talk to relatives, I didn’t have access to legal assistance and therefore I was in a very difficult position.”

Marina Ovsyannikova

in a press statement

Her lawyer now says she fears she will be tried for her appearance on the evening news. She can be convicted for publishing“fake information” on the Russian army, a crime for which the maximum penalty is imprisonment for up to 15 years. Use of the word “war” Media or individuals for describing Russian intervention in Ukraine are indeed subject to very serious prosecution.

France offers him “protection”

Marina Ovsyannikova’s message quickly received a wide response around the world, as evidenced by tens of thousands of comments left on her Facebook page. In France, she was supported by First Lady Brigitte Macron. “Solidarity and complete admiration for her courage and all that she was able to do”This was stated by the wife of the head of state on Tuesday during a trip to Epinay-sur-Seine (Saint-Saint-Denis).

For his part, Emmanuel Macron, who visited center hosting Ukrainian refugees in Maine-et-Loire claimed to condemn any conclusion of a journalist is very harsh, as well as any manipulations”. He specified thatFrance was about to propose “protection either at the embassy or also consular protection” Marina Ovsyannikova.

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