who is this french actor in the cast of season 5?

ELITE NETFLIX. Netflix released the fifth season of Elite this Friday, April 8, 2022. Adam Nuru, who plays Bilal, is a French comedian who has joined the cast of the series.

[Mis à jour le 8 avril 2022 à 9h00] season 5 Elite available on Netflix starting this Friday, April 8, 2022. Three new students arrive in Las Encinas in this new series of eight episodes. Among them is Bilal, played by French comedian Adam Nuru. At the age of 19, we have already seen him in three films: lawn (2013) i’m yours right now (2015) and more recently Hell (2020), which won him the Goya Award for Best Male Newcomer in 2021.

This season 5 ofelite, main characters are missing, such as Guzmán (played by Miguel Bernardo) or Ander (Aron Piper). Elite has been a sensation on Netflix since 2018. This dark series mixes police intrigue and murder with the everyday life of teenagers, especially with their sentimental life. A sixth season is also in the pipeline, although a release date has yet to be announced.

When will the fifth season of Elite be available on Netflix?

Elite returns to Netflix in 2022. Combining police intrigue, drama and emotional relationships full of twists and turns, the fifth season of the popular series will be available on the streaming platform from Friday, April 8, 2022.

Elite will be eligible for Season 5 on Netflix very soon. However, this new series of episodes doesn’t have a release date yet, given that Season 5 hits the network on April 8, 2022. It seems unlikely that the sixth season will appear before 2023.

Serial sheet

Synopsis – Three Spanish teenagers from the middle class enter one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Their arrival will cause tension within the establishment, to the point of assassination.

  • Itzan Escamilla as Samuel Garcia Dominguez
  • Omar Ayuso as Omar Shana
  • Maria Pedraza: Marina Nuñe Osuna
  • Miguel Herran: Christian Varela Exposito
  • Jaime Lorente as Fernando “Nano” Garcia Dominguez
  • Alvaro Rico as Leopoldo “Polo” Benavente Villada
  • Mina El Hammani as Nadia Shana
  • Ester Exposito: Carla Rozon Caleruega
  • Danna Paola as Lucrezia “Lou” Montesinos Hendrich
  • Jorge López Astorga as Valerio Montesinos
  • Sergio Momo: Yeray
  • Late Sene: Malik D.
  • Miguel Bernardo as Guzman Nune Osuna
  • Aron Piper – Ander Munoz
  • Andres Velencoso as Armando
  • Claudia Salas as Rebeca “Rebbe” Parilla Lopez
  • Georgina Amoros as Caetana Grahera Pando
  • Carla Diaz as Ariadne “Ari” Blanco Commerford
  • Martina Cariddi: Mencia Blanco Commerford
  • Manu Rios as Patrick Blanco Commerford
  • Paul GrunchPhilip Florian von Triesenberg
  • Diego Martin: Benjamin Blanco Commerford
  • Valentina Zenere as Isadora
  • André Lamolya as Ivan
  • Adam Nuru: Bilal
  • Isabelle Garrido

Elite is a TV series that you can watch on Netflix. Due to the plot interspersed with murders, police investigations, and romantic relationships between the main characters, the streaming platform does not recommend that children and teenagers under 16 watch episodes of this program.

Elite seasons and series

Season 1 : Samuel, Nadia and Christian, three working-class students, enroll in the prestigious Las Encinas Private High School. Their arrival causes tensions in the establishment up to the murder of Marina, one of the students… This first season was released on Netflix on October 5, 2018.

  • Episode 1: “Welcome” (56 minutes)
  • Episode 2: “Desire” (50 minutes)
  • Episode 3: “Saturday Night” (53 minutes)
  • Episode 4: “Love is a drug” (48 minutes)
  • Episode 5: “Lies” (49 minutes)
  • Episode 6: “Everything will be alright” (49 minutes)
  • Episode 7: “When Everything Explodes” (47 minutes)
  • Episode 8: “Assila” (51 minutes)

Season 2 : Samuel has been missing for three days. At the same time, three new students arrive at Las Encinas High School: Cayetana, Valerio, and Rebeca. The second season arrives on Netflix on September 6, 2019.

  • Episode 1: “Gone for 20 hours” (52 minutes)
  • Episode 2: “Disappeared for 34 hours” (48 minutes)
  • Episode 3: “Disappeared for 36 hours” (53 minutes)
  • Episode 4: “Disappeared for 59 hours” (49 minutes)
  • Episode 5: “Missing for 63 hours” (50 minutes)
  • Episode 6: “Disappeared for 66 hours” (47 minutes)
  • Episode 7: “Missing for 84 hours” (53 minutes)
  • Episode 8: “Fade Out” (50 minutes)

Season 3: Guzmán and Samuel are friends and lead an incredible life in Polo. Their goal: to condemn themselves and let Nano free himself. The third season is out on Netflix on March 13, 2020.

  • Episode 1: “Carla” (48 minutes)
  • Episode 2: “Samuel and Guzmán” (49 minutes)
  • Episode 3: “Cayetana and Valerio” (48 minutes)
  • Episode 4: “Read” (52 minutes)
  • Episode 5: “Ander” (52 minutes)
  • Episode 6: “Rebeca” (50 minutes)
  • Episode 7: “Nadia and Omar” (46 minutes)
  • Episode 8: “Polo” (52 minutes)

Season 4: The new school year begins in Las Encinas after the deaths of Marina and Polo. Director Azusenu is replaced by CEO Benjamin, who is determined to bring order to the institution. Benjamin arrives with his three children: Ari, Patrick and Mencia. This fourth season arrives on Netflix on June 18, 2021.

  • Episode 1: “The New Order” (54 minutes)
  • Episode 2: “Five Seconds” (53 minutes)
  • Episode 3: “Waltz of Lies and Temptation” (54 minutes)
  • Episode 4: “Debate” (44 minutes)
  • Episode 5: “Reintegration” (46 minutes)
  • Episode 6: “I Love You Wrong” (40 minutes)
  • Episode 7: “Before You Go (Part 1)” (50 minutes)
  • Episode 8: “Before You Go (Part 2)” (46 minutes)

Season 5: Three new students arrive in Las Encinas: Bilal, Isadora and Ivan. Season 5 releases on Netflix on April 8, 2022.

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