Driver Christophe Vezon, who competed in the Anguison Rally, lent his steering wheel to the cinema.

To say about Christophe Vezon that he saw and did everything related to motorsport might be an exaggeration. But we are not far from that. Like his fellow riders, on Friday 8 April he returned to the Anguison rally in Corbigny and then to the first Mhère special event, in which his Alpine A110 roared like the best of days.

Christophe Vezon is a figure in the automotive industry. “Hey, I’ve been doing this for forty years. I started karting at the age of 14,” explains the interested person. “Then I went on to rallycross at 19. A little later, I went shopping thanks to the support of big oil companies such as Yacco or Mobil. »

He drives Pierce Brosnan’s Ferrari. golden eye

In 1995, the meeting will change most of his life. “It was at the Andros Trophy in Chamonix. I’m dating the famous stuntman Remy Julien. I always said that he invented the movie trick. »

Two weeks later, aware of Christophe Veyson’s talent as a pilot, Remy Julien asked him to come to the set of the then James Bond. golden eyeat the Victorine studios in Nice. “I was driving Pierce Brosnan’s Ferrari. »

Remy Julien quickly put Christophe Veyson in the right place. “When he called, I came. I continued driving stunts in Taxi 2, 3, 4movie Ronin with Robert de Niro and Jean Reno, Carry with Jason Statham. These films needed experienced pilots. Looking back, I understand that it was a real dream. »

Meeting with Belmondo

In 1996 he was invited to shoot the film One chance out of two, with Belmondo and Delon. “In the final pursuit, I drive one of the powerful Mercedes of the Russian thugs chasing Belmondo. I had the opportunity to talk a little with him, very approachable, charming. What I can confirm is that in this film he insisted on doing his own stunts. »

We were also able to admire his steering wheel on film. Michael Vaillant, or to advertise the recent 208 GTI. “I really experienced fabulous moments. You also need to know when to stop. High-class pilot Christophe Vezon is also the business manager in Torcy (Saône-et-Loire). “I have Vaison Sport, Vaison Piste, Vaison Racing and 71 other auto parts in Monchanen. You must turn everything around. Fortunately, I am well surrounded. »

Son followed in his footsteps

The entries for the Anguison rally are not one Vaison, but two. “Yes, my son Mathias is also in the race. But he has his own car, and I have mine, because each of us has his own co-pilots. I take the liberty of directing it a little, but no more than that. He knows what he must do. »

On the first day of the Anguison rally, Friday, April 8th, Christophe Veyson got off to a good start. “I don’t have much pressure, no. Driving this car is enough for my happiness,” he exclaims. “If I feel like everything I did was a privilege? Yes, probably a little. But racing remains my first passion and always will be. »

Schedule for Saturday April 9th.. Three stages were completed three times: the Mayor special stage (17.4 km), the Gakogne special stage (5.9 km), the Saint-Martin-du-Uy special stage (8.9 km). Departure of the second stage (historical car of the first participant) at 7:30. Final arrival (first participant) at 18:27.

Pierre Brerard

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