The cinema of Joigny launches the program

“Talking Cinema in the Cinema”. This is the concept of the new program La Toile à Frire, created by the director of the Agnès-Varda cinema, Maxime Munier, in collaboration with La télé de l’Yonne, recently installed in Joigny. The first one-hour episode, released this Wednesday, April 6, 2022, focuses on the Harry Potter saga and the Fantastic Beasts prequel, the third part of which will hit theaters next Wednesday. The premiere will take place this Sunday, April 10, at the Agnes-Varda cinema.

How did this project start?

MM: This is the result of a beautiful alignment of the planets. This project has been on my mind for several years now. At the beginning of the year, I met the director of Yonne TV, Miguel Marquez. He liked the idea, especially since this collaborative web television is very interested in offering cultural content featuring local actors.

Why La Toile a Frire?

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This is what I scrawled alone in the corner. When I suggested this name to the Télé de l’Yonne teams, they smiled a little, so we kept it. Also, I think it fits well with the identity of the show.

What does it consist of?

The task is to chat with the guests about the news of the cinema, in a light tone. Considering that the program has a long format and the topics covered are mainly related to cinephiles, we try to create a rather relaxed atmosphere with the guests.

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Who are they ?

For this first episode, it’s people I know who are used to movies. I called to find a guest and got a lot of inquiries. Some people even wanted to involve their child in it. Even if the show may have a “cool” aspect, it still has to be people who know their subject. Later I would like to invite actors, directors and film critics in the future.

Can other Jovians participate in the show?

It is likely that on subjects over which I have no control, I will turn to the public. If there are any Jovians who are interested in cinema, who would like to act as a chronicler, you are welcome. After that, you should feel comfortable speaking in front of the cameras as well.

Why did you choose the Harry Potter theme for the first episode?

Already because it is a topic for the general public, so it was not too risky choice for the first one. Then the idea is to make a monthly issue that will come out on the first or second Wednesday of the month. Each time it will refer to a film that was released recently or very soon. The goal is to draw people into the room. For example, in June we will be revisiting the Jurassic Park films, on the occasion of the release of the latest Jurassic Word at the same time.

Can the public watch live footage?

Not at the moment. Moreover, we shoot during the closing of cinemas. Getting the guests and crew together is already a big job, so we don’t prefer to add a limit to accepting more viewers. Now, if the show goes well, we may well imagine filming a public show one day.

Where can you find this show?

Just search the internet: “La Toile à Frire” to find it. Otherwise it can also be found on the Youtube channel La télé de l’Yonne. For those who don’t have much time, the show is also available as a podcast on the music platforms Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.

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