Under the threat of death, Dick Marty has been living under heavy guard for sixteen months.

An exclusive Focus investigation reveals that Dick Marty has been under very tight police protection since December 2020. Ex-Prosecutor, State Counselor, State Counselor (PLR/Ticino) and Council of Europe Rapporteur will receive death threats from radical elements of the Serbian intelligence services. The State Ministry did not send a letter of inquiry, and the FDFA did not take any diplomatic action with Belgrade.

It all started sixteen months ago, according to Mise au Point, who managed to talk to Dick Marty at his home in Ticino. “On December 18, 2020, I received a call from the police saying that I was receiving death threats and were told that I would immediately be placed under heavy police protection,” says a person who in 2007 denounced extrajudicial kidnappings and torture practiced by the CIA with the complicity of European countries after September 11th. FedPol believes that he is in danger of the fifth degree, maximum, and suggests that he change his identity and address. “Degree 5 should disappear, but for me it was completely excluded,” testifies Dick Marty. “Thus, we remain until today at a very high degree: degree 4. It has never existed in Switzerland for someone to remain so long in such a degree of danger.”

Exceptional Protective Measures

Under fourth-degree protection, Dick Marty and his wife hosted “heavily armed” police officers in their home for four and a half months. Knowing that he is under surveillance, Ticino limits his contact and communication as much as possible. “At the end of 2020, he sent me a coded message asking me not to contact him again,” confirms Franco Cavalli, a former member of the Socialist National Council who is also his friend. “It’s shocking to think that this could happen in Switzerland.”

Today, plainclothes police officers are no longer on duty. But protective measures are equally important. The house is crammed with cameras and equipped with an alarm system and a secure room, a “safe haven” where Dick Marty is supposed to hide in case of an attack. Police in civilian clothes are on duty nearby.

During his rare trips, Dick Marty wears a bulletproof vest, his car is armored, and he is escorted by plainclothes police cars.

There are veterans who specialize in warrant killings, so it doesn’t take a lot of money to eliminate someone.

Dick Marty

In the words of Dick Marty, “The threat seems to come from certain circles of the Serbian secret services who have asked the underworld, professional assassins, to eliminate me simply in order to put the blame on the Kosovars. As for the killers, they will be part of the “underworld”. “There are veterans who specialize in order killings, contract killings, so it doesn’t take a lot of money to kill someone.”

According to the Mise au Point investigation, the Federal Police issued an alert in December 2020 based on information obtained by Swiss intelligence agencies. A confidential source informed the latter of the following elements, according to a Confederate State Ministry (MPC) document obtained by Mise au Point: “Dick Marty is to be killed on the orders of the Serbian secret services. The assassination of Dick Marty was reportedly assigned to Serbian men who had been on such missions for the Serbian secret services for a long time and were trained by them as “absolute professionals” who would handle the assassination “leaving no trace”. A Serb reportedly smuggled weapons into Switzerland sometime in December 2020. In order to draw media attention to the accusation of Hashim Thaci, the assassination must be presented as being attributed to the Kosovo Albanian (former USC) government. to discredit him internationally.”

Discrediting Kosovo

In his country, 54-year-old Hashim Thaci is considered a hero of the independence war against Serbia. Political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KCL), then President of Kosovo, he resigned from his post in November 2020 after he was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Special Court (KJK) in The Hague. He is currently in custody awaiting trial.

Dick Marty, Council of Europe Rapporteur, 16 December 2010 during a press conference on alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo.  [Philippe Wojazer - Keystone]Dick Marty, Council of Europe Rapporteur, 16 December 2010 during a press conference on alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo. [Philippe Wojazer – Keystone]In 2010, Dick Marty wrote a report for the Council of Europe exposing alleged crimes committed by the KLA, including organ trafficking, a report that opened an investigation into Hashim Thaci.

Serbian nationalists have never recognized the independence of Kosovo, gained after NATO intervention in 1999.

“Apparently the civil service wants to eliminate me in order to compromise their opponent, this is absolutely unacceptable,” says Dick Marty Mise au Point. “Our judiciary must respond hard and fast.”

The reaction of the authorities

Since 2020, MPC and Fedpol have been working hard to physically protect Dick Marty. “I am very grateful to all these people, men and women who provide my protection, but it is clear that this cannot continue indefinitely,” he emphasizes.

Since this is a political crime, the MPC had to obtain permission from the Federal Council to initiate criminal proceedings, which was launched in August 2021.

It’s not just about me. All those who seek the truth deserve not only protection but also justice.

Former Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty. [Lukas Lehmann - Keystone]

Dick Marty

But the MPC has not yet sent a letter of inquiry, and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has not taken any action through diplomatic channels to reduce the threat. In early February, Dick Marty wrote to FedPol with a copy to the MPC: “I tell them that we cannot continue to be limited to a single target defense without a threat neutralization strategy. This concerns not only me. …Everyone who seeks the truth deserves not only protection, but also justice. They deserve to be prosecuted for those who try to kill themselves. We can’t stand it. And I think we do. “

Following his letter, the judiciary would decide to “send the police to Belgrade at the end of April to negotiate with their Serbian counterparts”, which the former Ticino prosecutor considers insufficient.

“This means that the federal prosecutor will not go to Serbia and file a request for legal assistance, and Bern will refuse diplomatic actions. All this, despite the presence of concrete signs of the planned assassination of the former rapporteur of the Council of Europe and the Swiss senator by the secret services of a foreign state and professional hitmen! ”He protests.

A man like Dick Marty should not be left idle. We are in the Swiss system of the rule of law, where the state protects its citizens from unreasonable threats.

The bourgeois committee supports the initiative of transnational corporations (here the former national councilor Dominique de Buman), but the bourgeois camp is divided. [Peter Klaunzer - KEYSTONE]

Dominique de Buman, former member of the national council and former vice president of the PDC

Dominique de Buman, a former member of the national council and a former vice president of the PDC, believes there is a risk that the situation will stall. “A man like Dick Marty should not be left behind. We are in the Swiss system of the rule of law, where the state protects its citizens from unreasonable threats. I think and hope that the Confederacy will not forget any of his most distinguished servants.”

Fear of an international crisis?

Is Switzerland afraid of spoiling relations with Serbia when Bern is a candidate for a seat on the UN Security Council? Is the FDFA afraid of provoking a crisis between Pristina and Belgrade? Mise au Point asked the FDFA if political considerations explained the lack of diplomatic action. Without giving a clear answer to this question, FDFA spokesman Pierre-Alain Eltschinger replied: “The FDFA is in contact with partner authorities, primarily the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Police. Regarding the ongoing criminal case, you should contact the MPC, and for security measures, Fedpol.”

Mise au Point asked the MPC why the request letter had not yet been sent. The response of the MPC is as follows: “In addition to the criminal aspects, the case concerns, in particular, the security of people, and also has political components due to the alleged transnational context. That is why the various federal and cantonal services participate within their respective powers. In this context, the Confederate State Ministry, Fedpol and other partner bodies have put in place an extensive system of measures.”

Investigation to see Sunday evening at Mise au Point

Ann-Frederik Widmann, update

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