Weather for the Easter holidays: reasons for optimism!

By Regis CREPE, meteorologist

The Easter School Holidays in Area B are already starting next week. In this case, you are probably hoping for a return of spring weather, which can gradually set in over a few days. In any case, there are good reasons for optimism.

Easter school holidays last from April 11 to May 9, depending on the district. During this period, the weather will have time to fluctuate, but one thing is for sure, when you are on vacation, good weather is often desirable. What will happen in the first week of holidays and Easter weekend?

The next week will be divided into three periods: two soft days monday and tuesday, more mixed mid-week weather with the passage of a mild Atlantic disturbance before a return of generally calm and dry weather for the Easter weekend. This general development is reliablewith some refine the nuances.

Spring start of the week

Monday it will be a beautiful day, mostly sunny and very mild until above 25°С locally in New Aquitaine, but with nuances on the side of the sky. Thus the sun will often be veiled and whitish, with likely new sand particles originally from the Sahara. sea ​​wind and autan wind will blow hard in Occitania with gusts between 80 and 100 km/h from Toulouse to Carcassonne. The eastern and central regions will experience very spring weather, cold in the morning but very warm in the afternoon, with temperatures approaching 23°C in the central region and the Auvergne valleys due to the foehn effect. In the west, the cloud cover will be more whitish, and it may rain in Brittany.

Tuesday, the weather over the Atlantic arc and the Pyrenees will become unstable, the temperature will drop sharply compared to the previous day. Sometimes the sky will threaten the danger of violent evolution in a heavy atmosphere. Marin and Autan will continue to blow heavily until early morning. The east will continue to be sunny and very warm in the afternoon with temperatures between 18 and 23°C.

A more mixed mid-week

The deterioration, which began on Tuesday in the west and southwest, is caused by the passage of depression over Spain. Associated instability could cause stormy showers on Wednesday over a quarter of southwestern France, from New Aquitaine to the Pyrenees and Occitania. Offshore wind may bring to Roussillon, perhaps noticeable rain. On the other hand, these rains will fail to cross France to the east, where the changeable weather will persist.

Looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend?

As of today, mid-week deterioration is expected to end from Thursday, with relatively calm weather conditions remaining or recovering, depending on the region. You should not be afraid of extremes, although nuances need to be added.

The weather in France can indeed remain changeable in the second half of the week. The days will be characterized by small clearings alternating with large towering cumulus clouds. In an unstable atmosphere, then sometimes stormy and scattered showers could fall, especially inland and in the mountains, less often on the coasts. Temperatures will drop slightly to remain above seasonal averages (between 17° and 22°C north-south).

A general improvement in the weather may then gradually take hold towards the Easter weekend. After all, even if you are not on vacation, remember that Easter will be on Sunday April 17, and that Easter Monday is a public holiday. Many of you will probably want to take advantage of this. Thereby, Weekends and Easter Monday, good weather should mostly settle in the northern half thanks to the nearby highlands centered on the British Isles, while unstable weather could affect the topography of the southeastern quarter (Corsica and the Southern Alps). This evolution has yet to be confirmed, but this type of weather should continue until Easter Monday, when temperatures can drop due to northeasterly winds from 7° to 10°C in the morning and 12° to 20°C in the afternoon. From this point of view, the wind sometimes brought a slight chill in the evenings, especially near the sea, especially on the beaches of the English Channel and the North Sea. But let’s not forget that now it’s only April, the month during which it is recommended, according to a well-known saying, “not to open oneself by a thread.” This decrease in temperature must be confirmed and will depend on the evolution of the anticyclone over our country.

If you go…

If you go to sea Next week Monday and Tuesday will be fairly sunny and mild, but on Tuesday the Atlantic arc will become erratic and stormy. Then, on Wednesday, easterly winds and showers will blow along the perimeter of the Gulf of Lion. From Thursday, anticyclonic conditions will return to our coast. The only negative, the Mediterranean Sea can keep the weather temporarily unstable, with Mistral and Tramuntana, as well as storm showers in Corsica and the Cote d’Azur. Elsewhere, even if it’s not very hot yet, watch out for sunburn, which can already happen this time of year!

If you go to the mountains, the choice seems quite favorable, despite the nuances. At the beginning of the week in the Pyrenees there will still be clouds and rains, and in the second half of the week the spring sun will return. The Alps benefit from the winter advance from early April, but at this time of the year, fresh snow does not linger at low altitude for long. Below 1500 m, the mountain will return to its spring appearance, where several patches of snow will alternate with flowering gentians and colchicums. You will have to be wary of unstable snow cover at altitude, and skiing will be pleasant in areas above 1800 m above sea level, because it will not be too hot there, and the quality of the snow will remain.

And if you don’t go, it’s always nice to enjoy good, clear weather, especially since these spring conditions should last through the weekend and into Easter Monday.

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