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Adrian Garel didn’t get far. This Saturday at La Gainsbarre Sojasun Espoir-ACNC showed his best result of the season, namely 2nd place. Known for his swiftness, he accurately confirmed his card in the sprint. But the problem is that Thibault Madorre crossed the line a few seconds before him after a single effort (see rating). The former pro of the current B&B Hotels-KTM roster, however, finds good points after the first part of the season that could leave his team and himself hungry. Adrian Garel is back with DirectVelo on this day, which could play in his favor, but also the difficulties of his team last month.

DirectVelo: Do ​​you regret this second place?
Adrian Garel: No, honestly not. He already deserved his victory, so I have no regrets. I had the flu in Artois, I caught a cold, I couldn’t go to the start on Sunday. I didn’t even know if I should race or not, because then I’m going to Glasgow for the Athletics World Cup. It was not clear, but since the weather was fine in Normandy, we came to sunbathe (laughs). Things got better and better throughout the week so I thought this would give me some practice, I’m happy it’s a very good place.

You must have felt like you were being watched in the group ahead…
While we were at 30 inches, 1 foot, he turned well, but it was clear that from 1 foot 30 inches he would no longer want to turn. He began to attack over the bumps to eliminate a few people. I saw that everything was fine with me, and this calmed me down. And then it was a small lottery on the final round, but the winner was able to take his chance, so much the better, it smiles at the adventurers.


What did you think when Thibaut Madorre attacked?
We went there with Hugo Millet each in turn. But there on the guy, it’s as much up to us as it is to others to go there. After all, there were still many miles to go. We did not think that he would go all the way, whether a small group was going to go out, or through attacks she could do it, but he was strong.

Did you believe in it to the end?
He always kept for 10-15 seconds, I already knew at a kilometer that we would not take him back, besides, we took a fair wind, it was normal. I think everyone looked at each other a little and didn’t want to go. In the sprint, I was definitely the fastest, I think, even if anyone knows. It’s a pity, it’s a shame never to come for the victory. I’ve been sprinting since the beginning of the year and even if I don’t win an array I’ll be 4th in the sprint in La Viena, but all of a sudden I’ll be 11th or 12th, in La Bob I’m 3rd in the sprint, but we are getting to 3rd place… But this year you have to be adventurous and always step forward. But do you still need to get there?

“There are such seasons…”

On a personal level, you show what you are, but from a collective point of view, it was important to quickly start a good start …
We can’t put it on the youth, because we see that they are doing well in the Vendée-Yu. Sometimes you don’t know why. You are doing well, in Spain everything was on top, we had a good start to the season, and then we had a lot of problems with covid, sick. Six from Artois fell ill. There are times when it’s impossible to explain. It’s good there. You must also lead by example. It seems we didn’t have a captain in Artois, so I told myself we should set an example, which I did. But in Brittany there is also a high level, this should not be hidden. It’s easier when you run on the street or in a Coupe de France than when you only run in Brittany.

Locminé or Johan (Le Bon), they can be strong, there are more teams in the French Cup who can return the ball to the center. Whereas in Brittany, when they go out, it’s tricky. And since they are at their best physically, they leave when it is very difficult. You have to either be one step ahead or try to regain the lead, but the season is long. Today we tell ourselves that we are not working, but it is only April, there is only a month of racing, we always want results right away, and the season is from February 15 to October 15. We have time, and today we will show that we will achieve our goal.


Do you have a special role to play at a time when doubts may arise?
This is a role that I really enjoy. It’s hard to do, especially when I’m a race leader. I like to try to bring as much experience as possible. But in a race it’s hard to give advice, because for example I’m ahead. I also try to take them outside, so it’s easier to take stock of the race and understand what’s going on. But at least they listen, and that’s important.

Among the good news you will also find the track…
Two weeks later, the World Cup with the French team. So I want to find my place in the French team, that would still be good. There are two years left before the Games, which is far away, but at the same time tomorrow. At each stage, you need to return to the team a little. There are feelings, I did what I needed to. Now everything is in my hands.

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