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PEN. Will the results of the first round of the 2022 presidential election this Sunday, April 10, put Marine Le Pen in the lead at 20:00? RN candidate dreams of taking revenge on Emmanuel Macron…

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Launched in 2020, Marine Le Pen’s campaign ran until Sunday, April 10, 2022, the day of the first round of the 2022 presidential election. Shocked, weakened by Eric Zemmour’s candidacy, the RN candidate knew she had a second wind at home. stretch the campaign to the point where the momentum is visible in the polls published in recent weeks. Can she make it through to the second round again and even move up to first place in this first round? The result of Marine Le Pen will be carefully studied and commented in detail from 20:00 Kyiv time.


06:23 – Marine Le Pen wants to reconnect with the “supremacy” of French agriculture

The far-right candidate in the 2022 presidential election wants to reconnect with strong and nurturing French agriculture, and the parochial thesis she advocates finds meaning in the agricultural policy she implements in her agenda. Marine Le Pen is full of ambition and wants 80% of the food served in the collective catering to be French-made or even to have the origin of all products on display in stores. When she looks at the topic of agriculture, the candidate speaks primarily to farmers. In her manifesto, a spokeswoman for the National Rally points out that farmers are “neither paid a fair price nor adequately insured against climate hazards so that in the event of protracted crises, their cash flow prevents them from colliding” and in response, she suggests that public services “be direct means of confirming floor prices in the event of disputes during commercial negotiations” and “were guarantors of funds intended to cover losses when they exceed the amounts guaranteed by existing schemes.”

06:01 – Desertion wave more profitable than expected for Marine Le Pen?

Competition among the far right was fierce, and the candidacy of Eric Zemmour sometimes hurt Marine Le Pen. Party of the Reconquista! at times it has been able to weaken the National Rally by depriving it of historical collaborators such as Gilbert Collar, Damien Rieux or Nicolas Bay, and other shady supporters. However, these successive defections did not allow Eric Zemmour to defeat his rival. And as days or weeks passed, Marine Le Pen was able to take advantage of these chains of rejection by pointing out that those who left the RN ship were the most radical, who only wanted to talk about immigration and reproached him for being focused on social issues. such as purchasing power. A strategy in line with his RN de-demonization program that seems to be bearing fruit.

05:27 – Marine Le Pen presidential program, windmill crusade

Marine Le Pen’s distaste for wind turbines is no secret. Throughout the presidential election campaign and after the 2021 regional elections, the National Rally continued to oppose infrastructure. Wind power is one of the sources of renewable energy in which the government has invested heavily, but this issue is debated, the aesthetics and impact of wind turbines on the landscape and the production of intermittent energy are heavily criticized. The candidate makes his own arguments, and also regrets that it is necessary “to regulate the electricity produced in this way and, therefore, to operate or even build gas-fired thermal power plants only for this purpose.” If elected, she promises to impose “from the spring of 2022 a moratorium on the construction of any new wind turbine, land or sea” and gradually dismantle all those already installed.

09/04/22 – 20:26 – Marine Le Pen spoke at the debate in front of the French

[Fin du direct] The appearance of the far-right candidate on the BFMTV program “Les Français dans les yeux” on March 22, 2022 was an important moment in her election campaign. In this program, which allows anonymous people to interview political figures, the venue is tailored to the candidate. For the RN representative, this happened in Henin-Beaumont, a city located in the former Pas de Calais mining basin, of which she is a deputy. So, 19 days after the first round, she was asking questions for two hours about her program and her ambitions for the nation. But above all, at the microphone of Bruce Toussaint, she defended the “more mature” project. Recognizing the missed opportunity that the 2017 inter-round debate was for her, she assured that she had “worked hard over the past five years” and was ready to “take on the challenge” and face Emmanuel Macron in the second round. It appears that the card of experience and wisdom has been played by a candidate who has never been as close to the outgoing president in the polls as he was during the week leading up to this first round. Today’s results will show us if the displayed “maturity” rate was correct.

04/09/22 – 19:18 – New change of bachelor’s degree and “big reform” of vocational schools

Education system reforms also include a section on secondary schools, and the main measure concerns the bachelor’s degree, which has already been revised several times as part of Macron’s five-year term. Without touching on the form of the exam, the candidate believes that “it is necessary to consolidate the study of French and mathematics, in particular, by returning mathematics to the general core of the undergraduate program.” Of the several reform projects today, Emmanuel Macron believes that “too many sectors have no exit due to lack of relevant needs”, so a major overhaul of professional sectors should be expected, as well as the possibility of converting internships into paid internships for students.

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During the presidential campaign and until April 7, opinion polls were published almost daily measuring intentions to vote for Marine Le Pen. Polls are scrutinized to identify major trends ahead of an election, but they are only a snapshot of voters’ opinions at a given point in time and should not be interpreted as predictions of presidential election results. During the standby period, two days before the election, it is forbidden to publish new polls or testify about the latest trends. Find below our article published this Friday with the final compilation of the latest polls.

Learn about the main aspects of the Marine Le Pen program in our dedicated article above on this page. Thus, Marine Le Pen has revised her program for 2017, especially with regard to the European question, where she assures us that she no longer wants to abandon the euro by shooting red balloons at European authorities, preferring that the Europe of nations be more the guarantor of national sovereignties . In the final campaign, the RN candidate mainly raised questions of purchasing power, promising to return an average of 200 euros per month to the French through various load reductions. You can find its full program in PDF format here.

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