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Courage was rewarded this Sunday at Gainsbarr. Starting on the last loop, about ten kilometers from the end, Thibaut Madorre drove it alone. Nobody ever saw him again. However, the Paris Cycliste Olympique rider was chased by a group of almost twenty riders. But he succeeded. And thus offers his first elite success at 26 years old (see rating). After the solemn podium, Thibaut Madorre returned to this first to the microphone DirectVelo.

DirectVelo: You set the road to the first victory!
Thibault Madorre: Yes, this is the first in Elite. And even in the 1st Katya I never won, so I feel good. As for the path, it’s a bit of a trademark of the guys from Paris Cycliste Olympique. We are in this style. In the sprint we are not going very fast, so I tried this, I used the markings that were between Sohasun and Rouen, she smiled at me.


How did you end up in this twenty and, above all, the only Parisian representative?
It was pretty easy for me, I really wanted to be ahead, even if it meant putting in too much effort and it might have been hard to think about tomorrow (Sunday). I attacked at the foot of the mound to get out and take a small advantage. I knew that often there was a group at the top and they would come back. I was still very wary of Kevin Le Canff, whom I know well. And suddenly it happened once, when there were about twenty of us ahead. So I did the same a few laps later and we got about twenty and then the turns started to go well. We quickly dug in and ended up with two minutes, so it was a pretty comfortable mattress. It struggled a little at the end, but other than that it worked very well. So I knew that I just needed to time well, and that in the end it would be really more technical, a little more strategic, so I settled on the guys from Rouen and Sohasun. I took advantage of the fact that there was a marking between them.

Often groups exploded at the top of a bump, on a flat…
Often in the last 200 meters of a pothole, yes. These were still short, but strong blows. So, there were often a few guys who lay upstairs when he was always there, that one had to put in a little more to be able to leave. Differences there indeed were eliminated.

What did you think about when you went on an adventure alone?
At that time, he attacked a little forward, and suddenly downwind, we knew very well whether it was a group or one person, we were going at the same speed, so I took advantage of it. I knew that there were not so many kilometers left, that it would be marked, that everyone would ask themselves the question of who would make the effort. And then, as soon as I left, there was nothing left for me to do but give it my all, and I tried not to look back. I did not listen to what they were saying on the roadside, I pressed, and so I drove up to a small port 500 meters away and realized that the job was done. It was a great moment, all the teammates who were on the sidelines were there. That was great ! I was able to enjoy it, it was short, only the last 500 meters, but it feels good.


The first success comes at the age of 26…
Yes, I spent my early years at the elite level with the Peltrax team and I was always more of a teammate, I was never a champion or anything like that. This place suited me just fine, and then last year winning the N2 with Paris (in the French Cup, ed.), it put us all in a spiral where we felt involved at the club level. This year it is the N1 label. I knew him during my last years with Peltracs, so I knew what to expect and that’s why I did everything necessary to be on the level. I’m really happy that at 26 I still manage to progress, maybe this is also the prime of life.

Are you investing more in a bike?
No, not necessarily. Even less than before, because now I work in a bicycle shop in Paris. And so I work a little over 30 hours a week. It’s been a long week, so there’s no time to be bored, no time to ask questions. It’s an organization and I think it really works better that way. I spent a year and a half riding only a bike, and I found that even psychologically it wasn’t that good. I have found my balance and it suits me better.

Does this elite victory open up any ideas for you?
I confess that after this winter I think about it a lot, because I really told myself that this year will be my last year of cycling at this level. After that, I will focus more on my personal and professional life. So I said to myself that I don’t want to leave with regrets, and winning in the elite would be very welcome. I like time trials, so I’ll try to prepare as best I can for the French time trial championship, and then we’ll see, I don’t put any pressure on myself. Pleasure is above all.

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