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18:37 : and @Patience We will see this later when the abstinence score is refined. Patience…

18:36 : Hello, Pierre. Do we know why there are so many people waiting at the polls?

18:36 : Can these long queues be explained by a later mobilization to vote, which will lead to overcrowding of offices? Instead of a more even distribution throughout the day?

18:36 : Unheard of late in the morning in Eguiles (near Aix-en-Provence). I returned there in the morning.

18:36 : Respect to all those who have waited so long to fulfill their duty as a citizen-citizen 👏 In my small village of Du, don’t wait… Good evening everyone

18:36 : In our village, the elders said that they had never seen so many people at a polling station!

18:35 : There are no problems in my office in Sartrouville, and yet people are constantly leaving the office when I come in, people arrive when I leave. Maybe it’s lucky that voters come gradually, and not in chunks? In any case, there were a few assessors, those who were at recess, we saw in my class next door.

18:35 : You keep telling me about your little tour of the polling station in the comments to the live broadcast.

18:29 : Hello, Pierre. Good attendance this morning at the French Institute in Cologne, very good organization, everything is very smooth. For the first time in my life, I hesitated to the last second, and it was the default choice.

18:29 : Unprecedented mobilization at my 18th constituency, 1 hour wait this afternoon when I have never queued in 20 years

18:29 A: I haven’t measured, but in the 20 years that I’ve been voting, I’ve never waited that long to vote.

18:26 : In the end, the number of participants may increase! If we didn’t spend 2 hours voting, as happens in many places, it would grow faster. Here in Moulon, a small village in the Gironde, at 18:00 participation is 82% according to the mayor’s office, and ends at 19:00.

18:25 : No waiting at my polling station in Villenave-d’Ornon in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, and for good reason: an abandoned office, one or two voters at a time. A little sad atmosphere.

18:25 : Hello, the hour of waiting is also in Saint-Remy-le-Chevreuse, where we usually have about 15 minutes.

18:25 : You had to wait 50 minutes to vote in my Paris office XX, waiting in Montreal… And on the other hand, at the beginning of the day we were only 7 people in a hall with 197 seats to see Abuela, a fantastic film Brilliantly shot Spanish language, albeit a bit predictable! Darkrooms of Election Sunday Victims?

18:25 : You keep telling me about your presidential evening in the comments of the live broadcast.

18:21 : You stupidly went to vote on foot or by car? In the English Channel, voters from Benoville went to the polls on horseback, says Western France.

18:20 : Don’t forget that you can follow our presidential evening as well as the France 2 special in our direct.

18:26 : Our compatriots abroad are massively mobilized. Thus, a crowd gathered at the (infamous) Heysel Stadium in Brussels. Our comrades from Free Belgium talking about a few hundred meters of tail. The police are trying to lighten the traffic, but there are a lot of people there, so it’s difficult.says a police spokesman.

18:15 : 🇫🇷[#Election2022 présidentielle – 1er tour]
🗳️ As of 16:00, the #Maurepas participation rate is 59.29%.
The dean of the Mauritanian constituencies is currently Mr. Marcel CATO, aged 103.
#presidential election2022 #IVote

18:20 : Otherwise, in Morepas (Yvelines), Marcel Cato, 103 years old, did his civic duty. Or the equivalent of the combined ages of the three people who are performing live today 🙂

18:21 : Let’s start with this strategy of the municipality of Lamonjoie (Lot-et-Garonne), which fights against abstinence by organizing an aperitif based on sausage and a small cannon in the municipality. Believe it or not, participation peaked around happy hour. Sending : 65% vs. 29% in France at noon.

18:07 : Good evening . My colleague Pierre Gaudon will be watching election night with you on this live stream. In addition, I pass the baton to him without delay. Have a nice evening !

18:07 : Good evening, Violine. Who will broadcast today’s live on the eve of the elections?

18:03 : Here’s a new moment in mainstream news at the start of election night:

• Decrease confirmed. According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, participation in the first round of the presidential elections at 17:00 was 65%. Participation decreased by 4.4 points compared to the same period in 2017, when it reached 69.42%.

To date, more than 1,200 bodies have been found in the Kiev region, which is partially occupied by Russian troops, said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova, on the air of the British TV channel Sky News.

• BUT passenger plane crashed after takeoff at Saint-Brieuc airport, three people died – the pilot and two passengers.

The matchday 31 of Ligue 1 between Brest and Nantes (1:1) was interrupted for ten minutes after an attempted invasion of spectators on the ground – another example of a season marred by overcrowding.

18:08 : Plouisec, a small town in the Côte d’Armor, this morning 1 hour waiting for a vote… Are there more participants despite the rates you announced??

17:55 : Hello FI, more than an hour of waiting here also at my polling place in Paris 11

17:55 : The same in the 15th in Paris: very bad organization with fewer jurors than in all other elections. Scandalous.

17:54 : 2 and a half hours waiting in Nuremberg before I can vote, to which I have to add 3 hours on the way… Many people said they didn’t want to come back to vote in the 2nd round under these conditions…

17:54 : In the comments, some of you report that you have been waiting a long time to put your ballot in the ballot box.

17:52 : This method of voting, called “absentee”, has existed in prisons since 2019. It was first proposed for the presidential election #AFP ⤵️ https://t.co/H8kAqiy5Z2

17:51 : Like many prisoners, 28-year-old Sofiane (names have been changed) is voting for the first time – primarily to “get out of his cell”, where he is “locked up 22 hours a day.” “I didn’t vote before because I had nothing to think about: I was free,” he laughs yellow #AFP ⤵️ https://t.co/h6SfiWknjh

17:52 : Ballot papers, two voting booths, a ballot box: in Fleury-Merogis (Essonne), the largest detention center in Europe, prisoners voted this week for the presidential election. them, according to Agence France Presse.

17:33 A: I would like to point out that the appraisers/agents on site go above and beyond, very kind and efficient. They are simply not enough.

17:33 : Waiting in line for hours to vote at my polling place in Paris People are giving up, tired of waiting. Obviously, there is an organizational problem that gives rise to an obvious democratic problem. https://t.co/Fhajq6mFGq

17:35 : Hello In Paris, more than an hour of waiting at several polling stations since the end of the morning. Evaluators ask to come back later, indicating that they are not sure that everyone will be able to vote before closing. Are these special cases or do you have identical echoes from other offices (which could qualify the conclusions on participation)?

17:32 : @olivier74940 This is indeed what some voters in Paris are saying, including. Not knowing if this expectation is due to the crowd or organizational problems.

17:34 : Decreased participation? Not at our polling place in Annecy-le-Vieux. Over an hour of waiting!

17:39 : Five departments where participation at 17:00 is highest: Dordogne, Aveyron, Gers, Haute-Loire and Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Conversely, the five territories with the lowest levels of participation are Corse du Sud, Essonne, Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis and Haute Corse.

17:37 : Here is a map showing the participation rate at 17:00 by department.

17:17 : Regarding the Arena meeting, there is a very, very long queue for the press https://t.co/OCHaJw38vd.

17:22 : It is not yet 17:00, and there are already a lot of people in front of Hall 6 of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. Macronists will be waiting here for the results of the first round #Presidentielle2022 https://t.co/pxZKhmyQWy

17:21 : Emmanuel Macron’s election night takes place at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, in the southwest of Paris. In 2017, he held his first round of elections in the same location. Our journalist Margot Duguet is here.

17:14 : In 2017, abstention reached the third highest level of the Fifth Republic, 22.2%, in the final duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

17:12 : The abstention rate in the first round of the presidential election could reach 26.5, according to the initial estimate of Ipsos-Sopra Steria for France Télévisions and Radio France. So far, the record for voting for the Champs Elysees dates back to 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen moved up to the second round against Jacques Chirac, with 28.4% of voters staying at home.

17:08 : Turnout at 5:00 pm, however, is higher than April 21, 2002 (58.45%), a record year for abstentions in the first round of presidential elections.


17:06 : Participation decreased by 4.4 points compared to the same period in 2017, when it reached 69.42%. In 2012, it amounted to 70.59%.

17:04 : 🗳🇫🇷 #Elections2022 l The participation rate at 17:00 in the 1st round of #electionpresidentielle2022 in metropolitan France is 65.00%. More info 👇

17:03 : According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the turnout in the first round at 17:00 was 65%, which is less than in 2017.

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