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Against their will two mayors who are not on the same political side, nevertheless live together… A satirical, ridiculous and stupid comedy, very much in the spirit of the Benoît Delepin / Gustave Kervern tandem.

At the same time – B. Delepin and G. Kervern – “Collet Girls” – Photo: Chloé Carbonel / Ad Vitam

Didier Beke (Jonathan Cohen) is the completely uninhibited right-wing mayor of a middle town, a politician who speaks “out loud what people think out loud “Weather vane, shameless, sexist, homophobic and racist. On the eve of a vote to approve the construction of a holiday park instead of a virgin forest, he must convince Pascal Molitor (Vincent Macane), his environmentalist colleague (notorious, stuck, agitated, but) honest, to vote for the project. TAll means are goodend to get his vote. So, after dinner at a restaurant, he takes her to “drink” at the IMF (…), a bar with a sleazy hostess run by Bianca (loyal Yolanda Moreau). There, they are lured into a trap by Sandra (India Hair), a young neo-feminist activist member of the Colle-Girls. Victims of a glue attack, two chosen ones find themselves glued to each other…
For 20 years, says Benoit Delepin, Through cinema, we try to cover the issues that concern our modern society and our little personal life.. (…) we are not cinematographers. » Not surprisingly, the Groland duo Delepin/Kervern continue to draw inspiration from the same source. interested in the intricacies of local politics.

CioaViva - At the Same Time - Chloe Carbonel - Ad Vitam 01
At the same time – B.Delepin and G.Kervern – Photo by Chloé Carbonel/Ad Vitam

The film’s title is partly a nod to the “Jovian” expression of the five-year term and the resulting presidency, which says it’s “neither left nor right.” “… (it) seems to us both relevant (we see it as an attack on macronism) and timeless (in 20 years we will not give a damn about macronism), emphasizes Benoit Delepin. “ One in the other” would have the same meaning, but it would be too hard! In any case, he clearly expresses the complexity of wanting both to satisfy everyone and to make a real political choice.. For Gustave Kervern: ” A politician is simply the embodiment of a person at the present time. He’s like those circus performers who have to juggle cymbals. He runs from plate to plate to keep them from falling. This is exactly what we all do to avoid disaster.”
Usually their characters in their films are proletarians, outcasts, Losers those (and those) qthey are nothing ” and which refer to “ France from below “. This time it’s two elected officials, prominent figures. However, like other main characters, they have one thing in common: they are lost.
Politically opposed Beke and Molitor, forced to live together and become quadrupeds, will nevertheless have to learn to… walk “simultaneously”: “
left, right, left, right… and “getting along like crap” while trying to find a solution to their problem. One follows Road movie (often in Delepine/Kervern) facilitating tasty and comical moments and encounters (veterinarian, sophrologist, green cops, village dinner host…) accompanied by mundane responses (some of which are incomprehensible… verbal, including writing!)

CioaViva - At the Same Time - Chloé Carbonel - Ad Vitam 03
At the same time – B.Delepin and G.Kervern – Photo by Chloé Carbonel / Ad Vitam –

With their tenth feature film behind (and often in front of) the camera, the Benoît Delepin/Gustave Kervern duo still let their wild and wild imagination run wild. The film is more political than usual. However, despite the eco-feminist side (which does not prevent scribbling some form of feminist activism) and the “message” (living together), both authors do not pretend to give lessons. They stay true principle, which they set out in 2011 in From Groland to Grand Soir an interview given to Herve Aubron and Emmanuel Bourdo, the preface of which summarizes: “(…) turn worry into happiness. Because care really comes first: before experiencing the happiness of a beautiful escape, the heroes staged by the duet are cruelly discarded, thrown away (…)”.
In the same time is an satirical, wacky, inappropriate, high school and (sometimes) awkward comedy. But… at the same time, it’s good! ;about)

In the same timewith Benoit Delepin and Gustave Kervern. With Vincent Macken, Jonathan Cohen, India Hair, Yolande Moreau, François Damien, Thomas WDB, Dolly, Laetitia Doche (France – Comedy – 2022 – 1:48 – Release date: April 6, 2022).

Movie trailer (ads – 2022 – 2m09)
Interview with the film crew (Pathé/Gaumont – April 2022 – 15 min 45)
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