Hollywood: Future Blockchain Star, Says Outgoing Warner CEO

It’s all people! – Jason Kilar, the outgoing CEO of Warner Media, touted blockchain as a technology that could change the entertainment industry. He also said that this technology could bring new forms of financing. The former Disney CEO also revealed his interest for Web3 and NFT recently.

Blockchain will change the entertainment industry

This was announced by the outgoing Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar. the future of hollywood was in the blockchain. Indeed, he sees the latter as a technology capable of transforming the entertainment industry. According to Jason Kilar, this is especially true now that technology has made the process of buying digital collectibles much easier.

According to a Reuters report, Jason Kilar compared the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs to the potential of DVDs before they went mainstream.

I think this will be a potential wave that will come to Hollywood, just like the DVD wave came to Hollywood in the 90s. »

Jason Kilar, outgoing CEO of Warner Media

The outgoing CEO acknowledged that while DVDs have faded into oblivion over time, they have changed the economics of many entertainment companies. Warner Media, among other things, greatly increased its cash flow with the advent of this medium at the time. Jason Kilar, famous encourage technology adoption and changes in the entertainment industry, outbidding. Because of this, he believes blockchain can also represent new forms of funding.

Obviously, this has changed the economic fortunes of many of these companies, including Warner Media. »

Jason Kilar, outgoing CEO of Warner Media

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The report chronicles Jason Kilar’s journey through the entertainment industry. Jason Kilar launched his own subscription video service for social media content, Vessel. He then sold that service to Verizon in 2016. So it wasn’t until four years later that Jason Kilar joined Warner Media.

The outgoing CEO joined the group in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading. This period is characterized closures and severe travel restrictions people. However, Jason Kilar would have been able to take advantage of this. This effectively introduced a new way of delivering films to homes.

The CEO decided to no longer wait for a certain period to pass before releasing a film for home viewing. He really started a new practice. The latter consists of the release of new films in theaters and streaming service HBO Max same day. Acquaintance began with the premiere Wonder Woman 1984 » on Christmas 2020 and continued until 2021. The move would help HBO Max and the HBO television network reach 73.8 million new subscribers.

Popcorn bitcoin!  Blockchain is coming to Hollywood and cinemas thanks to Warner!

Jason Kilar’s career spanned Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Therefore, it is only natural that he sees blockchain as a potential change in the entertainment industry. Especially against the background of the growing hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

History has shown that officials tend to fight trends that challenge established ways.. »

Jason Kilar, outgoing CEO of Warner Media

Blockchain and NFT are undoubtedly technologies on the edge. revolutionize the entertainment industry. The sports sector has been particularly affected by the tokenization of collectibles and fan tokens. In the recording industry, this change has also already begun. After all, for example, Warner Music Group is already well advanced. The record company is already launched in blockchain games in partnership with Splinterlands. She is also a partner in the metaverse platform The Sandbox tooffer listeners a new experience and from new opportunities for their artists.

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