Le Pen leads in 57.12% of municipalities against 33.81% for Macron

Eighteen hours after the public opinion institutions and the media published the first estimates, the final results of the first round of the presidential elections were released by the Ministry of the Interior. Emmanuel Macron came out on top on Sunday after the first round of the presidential election with 27.85% of the votes cast, ahead of Marine Le Pen (23.15%), whom he will face in the second round, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who was eliminated despite its 21.95%.

26.31% of registered voters abstained, the highest number for the first round of a presidential election since 28.4% in 2002. Thus, almost 13 million voters out of 48.74 million registered voters did not vote on Sunday. Also, 543,650 people voted blank (1.12% of those registered) and 237,004 invalid ballots (0.49%).

Marine Le Pen leads among 20,000 municipalities in France

Marine Le Pen (RN) ranked first in 20,036 municipalities (i.e. 57.12%) and Emmanuel Macron (LREM) in 11,861 municipalities (i.e. 33.81%) out of 35,080 municipalities. Behind the top three, no other candidate managed to overcome the 10% mark. Eric Zemmour, 4th, scored 7.07%. This is followed by Valerie Pecresse (4.78%) and Yannick Jadot (4.63%), who even finished below the 5% mark, which is critical for campaign recovery.

In metropolitan areas where population density is much higher, presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon come out on top.

Reimburse campaign costs

The Republican candidate, as well as the representative of the Europe-Ecology party, the Greens announced on Monday morning to ask their voters to cover campaign costs. Valerie Pekress asks for a public donation of around 7 million euros. 5 million was personally borrowed by the losing candidate.

“The situation is critical, we lack 7 million euros, including 5 million euros that I personally borrowed. I’m launching a national appeal for donations. The survival of the Republican right depends on it.” she said on Twitter.

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For its part, EELV must find two million euros in five weeks, otherwise the party risks disappearing. “The situation is critical, non-compliance with the mark of 5% puts us in very, very big difficulties.explains Julien Bayou at France Inter. Fortunately, we lowered the sails and spent less than we planned.he added, referring to the cost of the first round campaign about 6 million euros […] In the near future, we have a deadline at the end of May and therefore we have to find 2 million euros within the next five weeks,” explains the national secretary of the party.

Parties in financial difficulties

The Ministry of the Interior also reported the final results of the other candidates, with Jean Lassalle (3.13%), Fabien Roussel (2.28%) and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (2.06%) ahead of Anne Hidalgo (1.75%). Philippe Putou (0.77%) and Nathalie Artaud (0.56%) finish in the last two places.

After this heavy defeat in the election of the Socialist candidate Anna Hidalgo, the first secretary of the party, Olivier Faure, confirmed that there was no risk of bankruptcy for the historical formation. “We didn’t take out a loan. he says on air to Franceinfo on Monday morning. We financed the campaign ourselves, so we don’t have to repay debts. Calls for donations are always needed because it would allow us to have a permanent staff, to have people who can help us in recovery. But there is no bankruptcy, as many would like.”

Finally, remember that all candidates will receive a minimum compensation of €800,000, even those who do not reach the 5% mark. An amount that includes, in particular, the costs associated with the printing and distribution of the candidate’s confessions, as well as the costs of campaigning on television and radio. It was not until after the elections that the National Commission on Campaign Accounts and Political Finance (CNCCFP) compiled reports based on expenditures confirmed by various candidates.