Macron tries to calm left in north, Le Pen on Yonne offensive, news on Monday between two rounds

In the north. Traveling to Denin in the north, Emmanuel Macron made it to the second round with 27.8% of the vote, was arrested by a passerby on his statement in Parisian posted Jan 4 “piss off the unvaccinated”. Words that created a shock wave.

The presidential candidate, who returned to the campaign a few hours after the results of the first round, replied:

“I never said that. I said it lovingly in quotation marks.”

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The passer-by did not look convinced. He then clarified the context of his remarks made at the time to the newspaper’s readers. Parisian. “There are some of your fellow nurses present who have been vaccinated, who said, “People who are not vaccinated and who have arrived, we should not treat them anymore.” To which I replied that I would never do this as president. And there “I say, we put restrictions, I’m there a little to try to annoy those who are not vaccinated,” he justified.

During this visit he tried to “calm down” in particular about retiring at 65 promising a “fairer system” and promising to index pensions to inflation from this summer. He also talked about purchasing power, considering a mandatory “bonus in the form of dividends to employees.”

The outgoing president also criticized Marine Le Pen’s proposed zero VAT measure on essentials. The measure, according to him, is “unrealizable.”

The coming of the day

In Yonne. Marine Le Pen took the direction of Soucy in Yonne where she scored: “I will not leave the EU. This is not my goal, and if it was my goal, then I would say so.

The National Rally candidate, who won 23.1% of the vote, especially attacked Emmanuel Macron after his retirement at age 65, which is “his main indicator, in which he is most accurate.” She also sent a photo of her trip to Denin, one of the poorest cities in France, where the far-right candidate won 41% of the vote. “I hope he comes out of this with the knowledge that his policies have done a lot of harm.”

question of the day

Who will Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters vote for? The La France Insoumise candidate narrowly missed the second round with 22% of the vote, the largest margin. Jean-Luc Mélenchon called very clearly for “don’t give a single vote to Madame Le Pen” without asking to put Emmanuel Macron’s ballot in the ballot box.

But the LFI intends to “impose cohabitation Emmanuel Macron during the legislative elections scheduled for June. Adrien Quatennen, MP for the North, told France Inter on Monday morning: When we see yesterday’s configuration it will be about legislative elections to do what needs to be done because Emmanuel Macron may not have a majority in the Assembly.”

hangover of the day

Shipwreck. Voting analysis Republicans are tough on the air this Monday. Valerie Pekress received 4.8% of the vote, the worst result in the party’s history.

The day is busy strategic advice took place this Monday morning in Paris, after which political office at noon and a press conference by Christian Jacob, the boss of the deputies of the Republic of Latvia.

Photo by Jeremy Fulleriger

Valerie Pecresse also asks on Monday morning: “To the French emergency assistance to complete funding for their campaign“.

“We did not reach the 5% that allowed us to receive the seven million refunds from the state that we were counting on. These seven million refunds are not enough to complete the budget for this campaign,” she said upon her arrival at headquarters. Les Républicains party in Paris on Monday morning.

Collective decision of the day

Three possibilities. The proposal of the president of the Les Républicains party, Christian Jacob, was accepted by an overwhelming majority on Monday morning at the headquarters of the Republicans in Paris. She instructs not to vote for Le Pen, which leaves three options: abstain, vote blank, and vote Macron. In the name of the “unity” of the party.

“You can’t voice Marine Le Pen, her political and economic project can lead us to chaos.” This is the position of the Republican Party, whose president, Christian Jacob, held a press conference on Monday at the party’s headquarters on rue Vaugirard in Paris. The slogan is to maintain “unity”.

“Critical” situation of the day

Six million. Julien Baillou, general secretary of Environment Europe-Greens, also describes the “critical” situation. “Failure to meet the 5% mark puts us in very very difficultJulien Bayou explained at France Inter.

Luckily we had lowered the sails and spent less than planned,” he added, referring to the cost of the campaign of the first round about 6 million euros.

Yannick Jadot received 4.58% of the vote on the evening of the first round on Sunday.

Day number

2.17%. This is the result of Anna Hidalgo in Paris, of which she has been mayor since 2014. It is slightly higher than on a national scale (1.74%).

It was Ségolène Royal, the Socialist presidential candidate in 2007, who came to see things through. She begins: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon honored fine politics with his campaign and his speech. Jadot, Roussel, Hidalgo below 5% call for Marine Le Pen dam? They could do it with the help of the union by leaving.” And add: “Shame on them, their egos. “Gnomes,” Francois Mitterrand would say.

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