Rainbow kiss: how to practice without risk?

Some sexual practices have the art and the way to bring couples together and increase each member’s confidence in their partner, for better or worse. An extremely valuable advantage in a love story doomed to a long life, as well as in a sexual story where only intensity matters, even if romantic feelings are absent. Among these practicesrainbow kiss” Where “rainbow kissin French, still raises many questions.

Rainbow kiss, where did it come from?

This sexual practice traditionally involves two people giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously, while one of the partners his rulesc, so there is an exchange of bodily fluids: menstrual blood on one side and semen on the other. “The goal is to cum together and kiss after mixing one partner’s menstrual blood with the other’s sperm in the mouth during the kiss.– explains the magazine Men’s Health American gynecologist Stacy Tanuye. So the combination of blood and semen creates a rainbow kiss. There are also homosexual versions of the rainbow kiss, but of course with less fluid and color variations. The idea is to share secrets. Did you say original?

The Importance of Bodily Fluids in the Rainbow Kiss

While some may be put off by the thought of injecting menstrual blood into intercourse, Carolanna Marcantonio, a sex therapist and co-founder of Wise Sex Therapy Associates in the US, says the activities associated with it can actually bring men closer. “Playing with blood brings people together because of the trust required to participate in such an action.“, – she explains. What could be stronger and more symbolic, if you think about it, than exchanging vibes, making connections? After all, this is how children are arranged. Even the strongest bonds of friendship are sometimes fastened blood ties in some cultures. In this context, it is easy to understand that the rainbow kiss proves to be extremely exciting for some practitioners and is a way to strengthen the bond with one’s partner.

Practice tempts you? First of all, you will need to talk about it with your partner or offer it to him so that he understands the situation very clearly without giving the impression that he feels betrayed or that there is no feeling of embarrassment. It is clear that this practice implies that the topic of menstrual sex or bodily fluids in general is not taboo couple. Not everyone likes the idea making love during menstruation and that’s okay, there’s no problem with that, you just need to talk about it with your partner and talk about your respective desires and limitations. Consent is very important!

If, on the other hand, the desire is shared, let’s have a successful rainbow kiss! The easiest way is to take position 69 to make it easier for each partner to practice oral sex, and then be able to kiss each other lightly after sex during menstruation for the mutual exchange of fluids. If you are more flexible, of course, other positions are possible, but then you should be able to stand up with your mouth closed!

Since the rainbow kiss involves direct contact with the partner’s blood, it makes sex more risky than more “classic” relationships protected by a male or female condom.

The only way to protect yourself is to either refrain from doing it (but that’s not the best advice in this particular case) or make sure you practice it with a reliable partner, i.e. say you’ve recently been screened for sexually transmitted infections (HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, etc.) and that it is negative. Indeed, if the exchange of fluids carried out during intercourse is sufficient to transmit the disease, the presence of blood sometimes increases the risk of transmission. Also, if trust in a couple is critical and beneficial, a little trip to the lab won’t hurt anyone and put everyone at ease. The result is more fun, because total letting go!

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