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This season, the writers seem to have reworked the previous one, leaving him to decay like his victims. We almost hoped we would be surprised by the wealthy high school students of Las Encinas. But no wonder they are the same tales of existential conflict, sex, and senseless killing who point to the tip of their nose without even giving them the slightest credibility.

Again, it’s about children left behind by sickly irresponsible parents. No need to wonder how it is possible that all these golden youth have so little morality and ethics: this is the result of opportunistic caricatures without remorse. New characters appear again, and again the legitimate question arises why their presence is necessary. Except, perhaps, to make us wind down on our nerves.

Overflowing superficiality or how to sum up this season

Without even spoilingmasterfully suspense“What this new season has to offer is definitely too much, let’s get straight to the point: eight episodes offer nothing because nothing happens. nothing. The plot deserves nothing. If there is an element of optimism in all of us, Elite is quick to make it clear thatthere will be no normal reversal. And even if the show dares to attack the characters from the first hour, it’s hard to feel even the slightest sympathy for them. those high school students who fully accept the unbearable.

When season 4 came out on Netflix, the vast majority were outraged, thinking it was too much, and showed no interest in storytelling. and suggested stories that go aroundwith shitty new characters that aren’t good enough to replace the old ones. And this time, it’s the same dish being served to us, further pushing for a culture of emptiness. In essence, Elite has become a kind of reboot of itself, completely failed and, above all, far ahead of its time.

Elite: photos, Georgina Amoros, Claudia Salas“Why did you still agree to shoot the new season?”

But what is probably most annoying is these deaths, one after another, constantly occurring in pools or lakes. There is a slight obsession with inanimate and wet bodies. No innovations are proposed. To believe that the creators allowed the success of the series to drown their ideas in a pool of blood, thinking that in this way they managed to deceive us by offering the same floating corpse recipe (almost) every season.

While the series never had an innovative and innovative storyline, it would be unfair to say that the story was never of any quality. The first three seasons were played on the same red thread, which more or less held its own, above all with the cast giving a bit of texture to this teen drama. But now it’s a game without content, causing embarrassed laughterwhich stems from horribly written dialogue that makes the series lose all of its petty qualities.

Elite: photoAttention football fans: this sport is not shown in the best light


If there’s one thing that brings Elite season 5 to a close, it’s him. sex scenes that under no circumstances fuel the narrative, or what some still dare to call intrigue. Each episode has its own moments of pleasure that would make unscrupulous sex easier. No rules, everything is allowed everyone consumes. Everything strewn with drug consumption visibly also becomes a means of protest, just like deception.

Two or more parties have become commonplace in this series, and the characters now have the mantra “we are disillusioned youth without direction who want to taste everything, needing to annoy the world“Because, contrary to themselves, the Elite uses sex dispute among high school students as a way to rebel and survive a little teenage crisisin the face of elders who, it would seem, do not know what parenthood is.

Elite: photos, Georgina Amoros, Paul Grunch“Don’t you think it’s time for this fiasco to end?”

Even when characters appear on the show who could breathe new life into the show, such as a young homeless man who seeks help from the main characters, sexuality must again be brought to the fore. The question naturally arises: why? As if Elite could not find other points of interest for the most voyeurs to find their account in this hilarious disgusting mess.

The absolute icing on the cake, this new season tries, with incredible awkwardness, to join the battle that brings time to life (even if it has already been the case for several seasons): one against sexual abuse. But giving credit and shamelessly stroking the hair of a character who has been accused of being more than dubious about young girls all the time goes against the message of victim support.

For all its good intentions, such as wanting to support certain social debates, Elite puts its feet where it should have refrained by making its characters fairground animals, which become difficult to become attached to. Quite a (no) mess.

The fifth season of Elite is available in its entirety on Netflix starting April 8, 2022.

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