Runner-up qualified Emmanuel Macron ‘can do more’ for climate

Emmanuel Macron’s activists say to themselves “concerned” on environmental issues. Nevertheless, they acknowledge that the outgoing president “can do more” against global warming. On the occasion of the results of the first round of the presidential election, Natura Sciences traveled to the election evening of Emmanuel Macron to meet with his supporters.

Qualified for the second round of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron greeted the crowd that was present during his campaign evening, the Porte de Versailles in Paris. / Photo: Sophie Cayuela // Natura Sciences

Celebration atmosphere. At the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Park in Paris, activists wave French and European flags in front of a platform. Giant screens announce that Emmanuel Macron leads the first round with 28.1% of the vote. He will face Marine Le Pen again in the second round (23.3% of the vote) on 24 April. Since the announcement, the numbers have changed, but the rating has remained the same.

The candidate from the party “Ecology of Europe from the Greens” Yannick Jadot, meanwhile, failed to score a 5% mark. The latter called, like most other candidates, to vote for Emmanuel Macron. “block the extreme right”.

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Activists concerned about environmental issues

“And 1…and 2…and 5 more years!” »the militants shouted. Five more years, is that good news for the environment? Voters met by Natura Sciences seem to be convinced of Emmanuel Macron’s environmental goals. The latter also touched on the environment in his official speech: “Do we want France to take on climate and environmental challenges with nuclear power, renewable energy, energy sobriety and environmental planning? ». In response, a big ” Yes “ launched by the crowd. Last February, Emmanuel Macron announced his ambition to create a combination of wind, solar and nuclear power.

“That was one of our concerns.confirms Antoine, a young activist of the outgoing president. We are a generation that is fully aware of the climate problem.”. Referring to the publication of the IPCC report, Antoine recalls that the responses “must bring”. Beside him, his friend Romane approves of his words. “It is very good that the population is committed and fighting for the climate”she admits to Natura Sciences.

However, the young woman admits that the government ” as much as possible” on environmental issues. She and her friend are waiting “Reindustrialization of France” to combat fast fashion, as well as the movement of waste.

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on ecology, “Emmanuel Macron must do more”

But the ecology does not seem to affect only the youth of the Porte de Versailles. Véronique, a former HR manager, considers the preservation of the environment to be his top priority. “Global warming is the first war todayshe admits. We must raise awareness among the entire population of France and the world.”. The flag-wielding activist also recalls the goals of the Paris Agreement. “Some countries do not comply with the Paris Agreement or continue to pollute the environment with fossil fuels”.

However, if we go back a few months, the state was condemned for“climate of inaction” Administrative Court of Paris during the “Case of the Century”. For Antoine, this inaction is also the result of previous governments. In general, activists defend the postponement of climate projects under Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term.

Due to the health crisis, some projects have been blocked and some projects have been redesigned.”, says Aubin, Les Jeunes student life project leader with Macron. The young man takes a cue from the carbon tax that led to the yellow vest movement at the end of 2018. “Emmanuel Macron must do moreVeronica says. Ecology, perhaps, is what he had less effect on during these five years. But he couldn’t do all that.”.

crowd of activists Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron’s activists raised their French and European flags before and after the results. The outgoing president took first place in the first round of the 2022 presidential election / Photo: Sophie Cahuela / Natura Sciences

Activists rely on Europe to advance environmental issues

And yet, these mobilizations for the environment, as the movement Les Jeunes avec Macron argues, make them a priority. “This is a topic that touches on all economic and social issues”, says Aubin. The young man, for whom the extension of the cultural pass remains the main measure expected, counts, in particular, on European cooperation. “Not only France will affect this, he insists. France must be a pioneer in international matters.”.

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Challenging the desire of some candidates to leave the European Union, Aubin believes that he “it’s better to slowly move to 27”instead of “Just moving fast on our own, not taking 27 with us” on environmental topics. But at the national level, Young people with Macron testify that they want “go even further”. To do this, the movement seeks to attract “specific proposals” on the latest measures put into effect within a five-year period. Among them are proposals for the Civil Convention on Climate and for the entire Climate and Sustainability Act. Last November, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said France was falling behind its energy transition goals.

“The greens do not have a monopoly on ecology”

In addition to continuity, the youth movement with Macron also provides for measures “a little more innovative”such as air conditioning companies in relation to environmental goals. “Greens do not have a monopoly on ecologyAubin slides. It’s not because our name doesn’t have a green label, we can’t offer specific things on the subject.”.

Those” specific things” also concern animal welfare, according to the project leader. A young man talks about recent measures to ban the chopping of male chickens and the live castration of piglets. He also cites the animal cruelty law passed in November 2021. Animal rights associations have described the law as“historical”despite the shortcomings.

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However, Aubin admits that the outgoing president has shown himself “pretty vague” about his provisions regarding hunting, and especially hunting with hounds. “Young people with Macron opposed”, He says. Others, like Veronica, who claim to be ” sensitive” to the cause of animals, are also waiting for additional measures, despite progress. “We need to do more to protect animals”she warns. A cause she says cannot be carried out by far-right candidates, like global warming.

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