The checkpoint against the launch vehicle in question, combat duty with weapons in eastern Ukraine and the anti-gang operation in El Salvador…


Presidential: Republican checkpoint at the center of the runoff campaign. Having gone far ahead in the first round of the presidential election with 27.7% of the vote, Emmanuel Macron is heading into the second round under high pressure against Marine Le Pen, who, unlike him, has a vote reserve with Eric Zemmour and part of the LR. He really needs a Republican dam, which is hard to form. There are many voices on our pages demanding promises from the left to a Macron candidate like Annie Erno. The corresponding principal sends conflicting signals. On the one hand, the presidential candidate believes that“There was no republican front in 2017. The Republican Front was in 2002 […]but I’m not afraid. There is no Republican front. On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron says to himself “ready to discuss pace and boundaries”, about his plan to raise the retirement age to 65, his most publicly unpopular campaign promise. Adding that he “does not exclude” put this reform to a referendum. All news of the day in our direct.

The battle for eastern Ukraine escalates.According to our information, the enemy has practically completed preparations for an offensive to the east. The attack will happen very soon.”, warned the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. On Facebook, the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stationed in Mariupol, sends a terrible message. “Today will probably be the last battle, as our ammunition is running low. We’re slowly fading away […] For some it will be death, and for others captivity.“.

The Austrian chancellor is pessimistic after meeting with Putin. Karl Nehammer, the first European leader Vladimir Putin has received since his invasion of Ukraine, said on Monday that he was pessimistic: “We should not have any illusions. President Putin has enacted the logic of war en masse and is acting accordingly” in the hope of achieving “quick military success,” he added. Earlier, he noted the “lack of interest of the Russian side in a direct meeting” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. All information of the day in our direct.

French gendarmes in Ukraine are investigating the horrors of Buch. A week after the astonishment of the discovery, it was time for an investigation in Ukraine. This Monday, the first international team arrived in the country to investigate possible war crimes committed by the forces of Vladimir Putin, who withdrew from the Kiev region to concentrate their offensive in the east of the country. And this first team is French: about fifteen specialized gendarmes landed in Lvov, in the west. Our article.

El Salvador makes 9,000 arrests in two weeks to fight gangs. Arrests in El Salvador continue at an impressive pace. National Police (NPC) claims to have arrested over 9,000 gangster suspects this weekend in just two weeks, including 507 on Saturday alone. Record. The news was quickly passed pthe country’s highly connected president, Nayib Bukele, who assures thatContinue”. Our article.

Elon Musk resigns his seat on the Twitter board of directors. A week ago, it was announced the arrival of a capricious billionaire to the board of directors of the social network. Finally, this Monday, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX is stepping down. Not knowing exactly why.

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Pensions, purchasing power, employment… The economic and social programs of Macron and Le Pen are being tested. If the same candidates run in the second round as in 2017, their programs are no longer quite the same, shaken up, in particular, by Covid or the war in Ukraine. Consideration of their proposals on major economic and social topics. Comparison of our program.

NATO training in Estonia. The snow crunches under the boots, and the foot sinks with a sucking sound in the mud melted in the sun. There are about ten of them, carefully crossing the pine grove, watching the ice field, which is guessed through the branches. There was a cry; on the left are several queues; a soldier on the ground is being dragged into cover. Then there is a break and everyone replays the game by drawing tactical diagrams in the dust of a parked car. The victim had nothing to worry about: the maneuver of the day was an exercise – “helping the wounded under fire,” in the slang. With the start of the war in Ukraine, France has increased its military presence in the Baltic country, which fears an invasion by its Russian neighbor. Still a distant threat, but one that makes the troops wary. Our report.

For the “turtle” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, this time it turned out to be almost the most suitable. White smoke comes out: Jean-Luc Mélenchon falls again into the goal of the second round. The People’s Union candidate has long assumed one thing: his result in 2017 will open the door for a second round in 2022. The entrance ticket to the final should be much cheaper. Wrong way. In politics, stories never go according to plan. The La France insoumise candidate scored higher this year with 22% of the vote. He is the third person in the presidential election after Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Good result, but very big disappointment. Our story.

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